British Army Chief: A temporary weakening of our troops is coming

LONDON, UK — The delivery of Challenger 2 tanks to Ukraine will lead to a temporary weakening of the British army. This was stated by General Sir Patrick Sanders, Chief of the British Army Staff. He made the statement during an interview with a reporter for The Times.

British Challenger 3 MBT to get US-made next-gen turret servo system
Photo: Reddit

General Sanders said there was nothing to worry about. The weakening of the combat capability of the British army will be temporary until the stock of tanks supplied to Ukraine is restored. Britain will deliver 14 Challenger 2 tanks according to various sources. The tanks will be taken from the British Army inventory.

The British general’s interview comes amid divided Western public opinion over the supply of arms to Ukraine. One pole of public opinion leans towards supplying arms to Ukraine, thus Ukraine protecting the west from a Russian invasion. The other pole is the opposite: the supply of arms to Ukraine weakens the combat capability of the armies of the supplying countries.

The British general expressed the opinion that “a hole in the arsenal of the British troops” is coming. The 14 tanks for Ukraine will lead to difficulties. These difficulties are related to the fulfillment of Britain’s obligations as a NATO partner. Some experts on the island comment that this statement of the general mainly causes difficulties in conducting joint exercises with NATO.

German Leopard tanks

The delivery of the first Western tanks to Ukraine caused some analysis by experts in the field. At least 100 Western tanks will be needed for Ukraine to carry out a successful counteroffensive, writes the Institute for Strategic Studies [London]. This report was quoted by another British publication – The Guardian.

Germany is the country most often linked to the possibility of supplying Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine. At the moment, some European countries, including Poland and countries from the Scandinavian region, are exerting political pressure on Berlin to allow the transfer of Leopard 2 to Ukraine. However, the federal government continues to say that there are currently no plans to allow the German Leopard 2 tanks to end up on the front line.

There is no pressure on France and the US to send Leclerc and Abrams 1 tank respectively to Ukraine. Germany used this very trump card weeks ago, saying that the country would not be alone in sending tanks into the war zone. However, London’s decision could tip the scales and put pressure on Berlin to succeed. The public will receive a clearer answer after January 20, when the meeting between the states that are aware of Ukraine will be over. It will be held at the Ramstein base in Germany.

Spain was the first recalls that Spain was the first country in Europe that expressed a desire to donate Leopard tanks to Ukraine. This happened in the middle of last year. Then, the sent Ukrainian expert refused to accept the stored tanks from the Spanish army.

The reason was their poor technical condition, which even with the allocated funds from the European funds did not give a guarantee that it would bring the tanks into operational readiness.

Today, the question remains whether the reason put forward by Spain and Ukraine was not for the sake of the public, but whether the real reason was Berlin’s refusal to allow the transfer of the Spanish tanks?


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