Russian arms industry relies on prisoners to produce weapons

LONDON, UK — 400,000 prisoners in Russia are a resource that Moscow can use in the war against Ukraine. British intelligence claims that Moscow relies on this human resource. According to London, Russian prisoners are engaged in the production of less demanding weapons.

Burnt tanks return to Russia, repair plants refuse repairs
Photo credit: Defense Express

This was stated in the daily intelligence report of the Ministry of Defense of Great Britain on January 13. Moscow is putting pressure on its arms industry to increase production capacity and the number of weapons produced. Using prisoners as a human resource is an opportunity that the Kremlin will not pass up or take advantage of.

In the middle of last year, the Kremlin issued an order to increase working hours, production potential, and the number of weapons produced. The major arms factories even released internal information related to this order that they would not stop anyone who wanted to work long hours.

In some manufacturing conglomerates, such as the UralVagonZavod and the United Aviation Plants, the working day went from eight hours to twelve hours.

The hiring of workers, or the hiring of additional human resources, is related to some investments in the production facilities of the Russian arms industry. UAC, for example, the manufacturer of Russian fighter jets, has already announced that it has invested in expanding its production base. New workshops, new production lines, as well as a new climate chamber for easier and faster application of stealth coating on the Su-57 was opened.

UralVagonZavod has also been in the process of modernizing its production facilities for half a year. reported on January 12 that the company announced the hiring of additional personnel to engage in continuous tank production.

UralVagonZavod shared this news along with the news that a new batch of T-90M tanks is already coming off the production lines for the upcoming delivery. Today, January 13, UralVagonZavod announced that this batch has already been delivered to the Ministry of Defense.

Among Russian convicted criminals there are prisoners with various professions. We cannot expect them to be sent to the UAC, for example, where they will take part in aircraft construction.

Burnt tanks return to Russia, repair plants refuse repairs
Photo credit: Defense Express

But welders, fitters, turners, grinders, electricians, drivers, etc. with similar occupations would fit in very well in heavy metalwork. This applies even to the repair shops that Moscow hastily opened near Moscow and Rostov last year and where damaged heavy combat equipment is repaired.

There is currently no official comment from Moscow on the claims made by British intelligence to the Ministry of Defence.


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