Russia is preparing new delivery of T-90M tanks, workers are wanted

MOSCOW, RUSSIA — UralVagonZavod is ready with the delivery of a new batch of T-90M Proryv tanks. At the same time, the company announced that it was looking for workers.

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Photo: Uralvagonzavod

UralVagonZavod posted on its Telegram account that a new batch of “high-tech T-90M Proryv tanks is now ready for delivery to the front”. The message is from the late afternoon of January 11. The state-owned tank manufacturer is collecting feedback on the performance of its products at the front from Russian soldiers. Therefore, the new batch of tanks was assembled according to the requirements of the Russian tankers and their experience in the war in Ukraine, the company announced.

The new T-90M Proryv tanks have already passed the standard tests. UralVagonZavod says this is practice and every tank that comes off the production line goes to the test site. On it, the running characteristics, the reliability of the suspension, and the firepower of the guns are tested. Tanks that have successfully passed the test are sent in echelons to the war zone area. announced at the end of last year that UralVagonZavod has taken steps to modernize and increase production. In this regard, the company also announced on January 11 that they are looking for workers. The plant is ready to increase the volume of production, they reported in their Telegram account.

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Photo credit: Uralvagonzavod

“We are ready to hire young specialists with technical education and train them for the professions that are currently in demand at our enterprise,” said Mr. Kiril Polyashov, head of the enterprise’s personnel department.

UralVagonZavod reported that T-90M Proryv tanks have cameras installed on all sides of the combat vehicle. This enables continuous 360-degree awareness of the combat situation. It also has new sights and a thermal camera installed.

The T-90 is the most modern mass-produced tank of the Russian Federation. The T-90M is a modification of the T-90 with much-improved performance, efficiency, and combat capability compared to the base version of the tank. has published the comments of two T-90M tank commanders. They were specially selected because the previous tank they operated was the T-72 model. In this way, the two commanders had the opportunity to compare the capabilities of the two war machines, presenting a more objective point of view.

Both commanders think that there is no room for comparison between the T-72 and the T-90M Proryv. T-90M Proriv is faster, more maneuverable, and moves much more easily on heavy snowy, and off-road roads and terrains.

In addition to the already mentioned upgrade in battlefield observation and gun aiming, T-90M commanders said that the difference in armament is also felt. For example, the new design of the Kort machine gun gives better opportunities to successfully finish close combat.

UAVs adjust T-90M tanks firing, new batch supplied to Russian army
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This heavy machine gun is a 12.7 x 108mm caliber. Its rate of fire is 600–650 rounds/min, the muzzle velocity is 860 m/s [2,821.5 ft/s] and the effective firing range is 2000 m. While the old T-72 uses the outdated Soviet NSVT machine guns with much lower performance than the Kort.

In winter conditions, the T-90M also outperforms the T-72 in terms of tank crew comfort. Both commanders agree that the tank has a very good air conditioning system that heats the tank crew capsule in the winter and cools it in the spring, summer, and fall. Both commanders expressed the same opinion about the quality of the active protection and fire control system. It is that compared to T-72 they are much better, reliable, and accurate.


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