Reporter boarded T-90M tank and told how it works in the war zone

MOSCOW, RUSSIA — Russian media outlet Izvestia sent a war correspondent to the war zone. Mr. Stanislav Grigoriev got into a T-90M Proryv tank and told about his impressions of it.

New 200 T-90M tanks sent to the eastern Ukrainian front line
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The reporter and the tank are located in Donbas. Winter has arrived with full force. Snow covers everything – roads, off-road roads, paths, fields, land, etc. Mr. Grigoriev compared the T-90M and the Soviet T-72. “Compared to the T-72, the T-90P looks like a monster,” the reporter said. Grigoriev is correct, as the T-72 weighs about 44 tons, while the T-90M is just under 50 tons.

Russia’s newest tank plows through snowy roads and fields with 1,130 horsepower in the V-92S2F engine. The latest versions of the T-72 are also equipped with the same engine, but the difference comes from the weight of the two tanks. “In winter, the forest track becomes hard due to frost, which makes it difficult for most tanks to move, but not for the T-90M. It easily overcomes such obstacles,” the reporter said.

Mr. Grigoriev pays serious attention to the protection and armor of the T-90M. He says that in combat conditions the T-90M can withstand anti-tank missiles. He also says that includes countering the US Javelin-guided anti-tank systems.

The reason, according to the reporter, is the size of the anti-cumulative screens placed on the tank. He also talked about the hand-made grills on the tank’s turret. has repeatedly written about this “Russian innovation”, which is done quickly, sometimes on the spot. The purpose of these grids made like a net is to prevent the projectile from exploding in the turret of the tank. I.e. iron mesh is sacrificed to preserve the tank’s structure.

Unlike the T-72, writes Grigoriev, the T-90M is a “warm” tank. I.e. the interior of the tank and the premises where the crew operates are heated in winter conditions and cooled in summer conditions.

Grigoriev also writes about a system that is rarely mentioned in Russian and Western reports. Shtora is an electro-optical system for active protection. Its primary function is to disrupt the laser designator and laser rangefinders of approaching anti-tank guided missiles. A modified version is integrated into the T-90 and T-90M tanks. The older version of the Shtora is integrated into the T-80.

T-72B3 in Ukraine

Although Russia is increasingly sending T-90M tanks to Ukraine, the T-72B3 remains the main tank on the battlefield. This applies to both the Russian and Ukrainian ground forces. According to a report of the Russian Ministry of Defense published today, January 10, the T-72B3 actively participates in the advance of Russian formations in all directions. The main task of the tankers is to destroy firing points and enemy fortifications.

Reporter got into a T-90M tank and told how it works in the war zone
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Earlier, published a story about two commanders of Russian T-90M tanks. They compared the efficiency, combat capability, and equipment of the two tanks.


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