Sweden intends to supply 155mm Archer artillery systems to Ukraine

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN — Sweden intends to supply Ukraine with Archer self-propelled howitzers. This question [Archer delivery – ed.] is not “will Sweden deliver”, but “when will it”. This was stated by the Swedish Prime Minister Mr. Ulf Kristersson during the national conference “People and Defense”.

BAE Systems Has Unveiled a New ARCHER Mobile Howitzer at DSEI
Photo credit: BAE Systems

Stockholm has been considering for some time the possibility of Ukraine receiving Archer self-propelled howitzers. A military analyst commented to BulgarianMilitary.com that it is possible that Sweden has made a decision and is currently thinking about what quantity and which self-propelled howitzers to deliver. Sweden’s ground forces currently have 48 units. It is possible to even consider updating or repairing these systems that will be sent to Ukraine.

Archer is a self-propelled howitzer originally designed by Sweden and developed for the needs of the Swedish and Norwegian armies. Archer is 155mm/52 caliber. The chassis on which the M151 Protector remote-controlled weapon station is mounted is a 6×6 Volvo A30D. The maximum speed of the howitzer is 90 km/h.

Sweden intends to increase its armament with Archer artillery systems. From 48 today, Stockholm hopes to add 24 more howitzers. Norway initially expressed a desire to arm itself with 24 howitzers, but subsequently canceled the order and purchased Korean K9 Thunders. This forced Sweden to purchase Norway’s 24 units in 2016, bringing the current quantity to 48.

When Ukraine receives the Archer self-propelled howitzers, it will significantly increase the combat potential and combat capability of the Ukrainian armed forces. The artillery system has a range of 30 to 40 km. But if Archer fires Excalibur shells that are supplied and has been working with them for several months, the self-propelled howitzer will reach a range of 50 km.

Sweden intends to supply 155mm Archer artillery systems to Ukraine
Photo credit: Twitter

The Archer Artillery System is a modern design. It has been in service in Sweden since 2011. It integrates technologies and capabilities from proven international arms manufacturers. For example, the M151 Protector remote-controlled weapon station is produced by Kongsberg. Standard ammunition for the system is manufactured by Bofors, Sweden. Archer’s emergency driving equipment is designed by the American company Hutchinson.

According to some military analysts, Ukraine is preparing to receive 12 units of Swedish Archer artillery systems. The same figure was announced by Sweden’s Ministry of Defense in October last year. Although it is not yet clear when the delivery will take place, Ukraine will have to send its gunners for training. This will take time, but today it will be less, as Ukrainian troops are already operating Western self-propelled howitzers since February 2022. The French Caesar and the German PzH 2000 have similar structures and management controllers as the Archer.

Last week it became clear that Ukraine will receive another artillery system for the first time since the beginning of the war. The American M109 self-propelled howitzer is included in the new package of American military aid worth nearly 3 billion USD.


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