Currently, Germany does not intend to supply Leopard 2s to Ukraine

BERLIN, GERMANY — The Green Party in Germany continues to insist that Ukraine receive German Leopard 2 tanks. This is what the German publication Spiegel writes today. “We, the Greens, have always said that we should support Ukraine with everything possible,” parliamentary group leader Mrs. Katarina Droge told Bayerischer Rundfunk.

Spain sends retired Aspide SAMs Mach 4 and Leopard 2A4s to Ukraine
Photo: Wikipedia

Mrs. Droge said she welcomed the federal government’s initiative to send the Marder infantry fighting vehicles. “Sometimes it would have been good if we had acted faster,” added Ms. Dröge.

In response to calls from the Green Party, government spokesman Steffen Herbstreit has now backed down: “The federal government currently has no intention of supplying Ukraine with Leopard 2 tanks,” Herbstreit said. He ruled out going it alone and referred to agreements with partners such as the US and France. recalls that Germany promised Ukraine 40 Marders. At present, however, the German federal government will most likely have to supply them from the operationally ready Marders in service with the German army.

Germany offers Ukraine Marder IFVs + Milan ATGM and 155mm PzH-2000
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60 Marders in stock

Rheinmetall has 60 Marders in stock. According to information from Spiegel, they will need to undergo a major overhaul and update. Since Berlin wants to deliver the promised 40 Marders to Kyiv by March, the Rheinmetall stockpiles will not be used for this purpose due to the short deadline. Therefore, Germany will finance their updating and repair and will fill the gaps of 40 Marders from the composition of the German Ramie, who will go to Ukraine.

Earlier today it became clear that Britain is considering the possibility of supplying a dozen Challenger 2 tanks to Ukraine. If Britain carries out its intentions, these will be the first Western tanks directly involved in the war against the Russian army.

Until now, varieties of tanks, but not tanks, are being prepared for shipment to Ukraine. These are the American Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, the French armored fighting vehicle AMX-10 RC and the German Marder armored fighting vehicles.

British Challenger 3 MBT to get US-made next-gen turret servo system
Photo: Reddit

The German publication SPIEGEL suggests that a decision to send Challenger 2 tanks will be made on January 20. Then, at the American military base in Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany, the meeting of the so-called Ramstein Group. This group, composed of high-ranking military and government officials from Ukraine’s allies, analyzes and makes decisions on what to support the Ukrainian resistance.


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