Watch in Ukraine: Soldier with a phone against Russian sniper rifle

MOSCOW, RUSSIA — A channel on Telegram distributes a video capturing a moment of the war in Ukraine. It is not clear when or where the footage was taken, but it shows the importance of concentration and discipline during military operations. [You can watch the same video on our Telegram channel]

Watch in Ukraine: Soldier with a phone against Russian sniper rifle
Video screenshot

A soldier stands up from behind a trench and begins a telephone conversation. There follows a moment of flickering of the camera recording the moment. Seconds later, the smoke trail of a fired bullet can be seen lodged in the tree behind the soldier. The soldier fell and no longer came out from behind the trench.

The text below the video claims that the speaker on the phone is a Ukrainian soldier. The video claims the bullet hit the soldier. The fact that there is a smoke trail from the bullet on the tree is a possibility for two statements – either the soldier is killed or the sniper misses.

Stay focused

The video is indicative of how many mistakes are made during the war by soldiers. This is a conclusion that is normal in the present case since without human error, winning a war by either of the two belligerents is almost impossible. In 2022, we watched videos showing the military mistakes of Russians and Ukrainians.

Chukavin SVCh is a possible sniper rifle

The video has no sound. The comment below it also does not mention the make of the sniper rifle. One can only assume. recalls, however, that Russia announced at the end of the year that it will test the Chukavin SVCh sniper rifle in Ukraine. This sniper rifle is manufactured by the Kalashnikov concern. It was the Russian concern that announced that the rifle was going to Ukraine to be tested by the Russian SPETSNAZ. The rifles are tested with a 7.62x54mm caliber cartridge. This is a Russian standard. Chukavin SVCh can be adapted to fire NATO standard – 7.62x51mm.

Russia tests Chukavin SVCh sniper rifle in Ukraine via Spetsnaz
Photo credit: Aleksey Nikolskyi

Kalashnikov describes its rifle as “a new generation of long-range rifles.” According to the requirements, the Chukavin SVCh should fire the first round, hitting a target at a distance of 1 km. The sniper rifle weighs up to 4.5 kg with a magazine capacity of 10 rounds in total. Chukavin SVCh is 1.15 meters long.

SVLK-14C Sumrak is another option

Photo credit:

However, it is entirely possible that the sniper rifle was an SVLK-14C Sumrak. As a confirmation of this statement, there is information from Russian sources that it is the Russian troops in the Donbas region who use this sniper rifle en masse. According to the British publication Daily Mail, it is the “longest-range and deadliest” sniper rifle in the world. The world record for the long-range was set precisely with the SVLK-14C Twilight – 4,210 meters in 2017.

The maximum effective distance is more than 2.5 km. The rifle accelerates its bullet to 900 m/s [almost three times the speed of sound]. Its weight is 9.7 kg. It can be used in a temperature range from – 35 to + 55 degrees Celsius. There is no magazine and it is manually loaded. The barrel box is made of aircraft-grade aluminum with a high-alloy stainless steel thread insert.


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