Second Patriot battery for Ukraine, it will come from Germany

BERLIN, GERMANY — Germany is the second country to send MIM-104 Peytrot air defense systems to Ukraine. This was announced at a joint press conference between Mr. Joe Biden and Mr. Olaf Scholz. Mr. Scholz, Chancellor of Germany said: “Germany will join the United States in supplying an additional Patriot air defense battery to Ukraine.”

Second Patriot battery for Ukraine, it will come from Germany
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The news comes at a time when Germany has been accused of not wanting to send Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine. Despite the criticism, Berlin remains one of the most serious suppliers of the Ukrainian army. The artillery systems PzH 2000, the mobile air defense system Gepard, the air defense system IRIS-T, as well as ammunition were delivered from Germany to Ukraine.

After at the end of last year the host of the White House, the President of the United States, Mr. Joe Taredon, announced a plan to supply weapons to Ukraine, it became clear that the Patriot system was included in the new package. The German federal government has discussed the possibility of providing Patriot to Ukraine and has requested permission from Washington. recalls that Poland was the first country that called on Germany to donate the Patriot to Ukraine. Then Berlin countered by saying that the Patriots would guard NATO’s borders. So Germany decided to send the Patriot to Poland. The decision came after two missiles from Ukraine’s S-300 air defense system failed to intercept Russian air assets and landed in Polish territory, killing two people.

Patriot in Germany

Patriot destroyed missile using target designation provided by F-35
Photo by US Air Force photo/ Airman 1st Class Debbie Lockhart

The MIM-104 Patriot is an American air defense system developed by Raytheon. It is deployed in US partner countries on all continents. There is no information on which modification Germany will deliver to Ukraine. Germany operates a total of 30 Patriot systems. They are located at various bases of Air Defense Missile Wing 1 of the German Air Force. Air Defense Missile Wing 1 consists of four groups. They are located at the Sanitz, Bad Sülze, Husum, and Todendorf bases.

It is a little-known fact that part of Air Defense Missile Wing 1 participates with its Patriot air defense systems in the defense of the Netherlands as well. The two countries have signed a cooperation agreement. It was signed in 2016, and two years later, Berlin created the last missile wing – Air Defense Missile Group 61. It is located in Todendorf. Based on this agreement, Germany is committed to integrating its systems with the Netherlands’ air defense systems.

Germany has not yet announced which of Air Defense Missile Wing 1’s four missile units the Patriot will be drawn from to be subsequently deployed to Ukraine.

Patriot missiles

The Patriot uses several variants of rockets that it fires. They are ASOJ/SOJC, PAC-2, PAC-2 GEM, GEM/C, GEM/T [or GEM+], PAC-3, PAC-3 MSE, PAAC-4 [SkyCeptor]. All of them logically have different weights and maximum operating ranges. In general, the minimum range of the Patriot is from 60 km to 160 km. The missile warheads for the Patriot are also different. They can be M248 Composition B HE blast/fragmentation with two layers of pre-formed fragments and Octol 75/25 HE blast/fragmentation.

Netherlands buys 96 GEM ballistic missiles for its Patriots
Photo credit: Raytheon

It will take time

A second Patriot system in Ukraine will increase countermeasures against Russian missile and air attacks. The Patriot is designed to engage aircraft and cruise/ballistic missiles. There is currently no information on where Ukraine will deploy the second Patriot system.

It will take seven months for the Patriot to reach operational readiness. Some experts claim that this period could be extended until the middle of 2023. As the main reason, they highlight the delivery time, deployment, and training time of the Ukrainian soldiers. The Patriot is a fundamentally different system and has nothing to do with the management of the Soviet S-300 systems well known in Ukraine.


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