Medvedev and Moscow want Vladimir Putin on trial for treason

MOSCOW, RUSSIA — A missile strike from Ukraine could change not only the course of the war but also the Kremlin’s host. For ten months, we have witnessed merciless battles in Europe, but the “flattened former Ukrainian school” in the temporarily occupied city of Makiivka awakened the opposition and the spirits of the Red Square.

Medvedev and Moscow want Vladimir Putin on trial for treason
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Initially, the Ministry of Defense and the Kremlin denied that there were any casualties. A few days filled with silence, however, provoked politicians, journalists, and bloggers to ask uncomfortable questions. Thus, “half-heartedly” the Kremlin admits that 63 Russian soldiers were killed during the strikes.

Thus the seemingly “ordinary bombed building” becomes something more. The problem gained more popularity when it became clear a few days ago that in the building in question, Russia not only temporarily sheltered hundreds of Russian soldiers but also stored ammunition. Thus, the former Ukrainian school was almost flattened by the Ukrainian missile attack, and Muscovites do not want to accept the Kremlin’s claims that only 63 soldiers were killed.

Ukraine claims that between 300 and 400 Russian soldiers were killed during this missile strike. A similar opinion is already being heard from Moscow. Mr. Igor Girkin, a Russian army veteran and former Federal Security Service [FSB] officer, says that according to his estimate, the victims are not 63, but hundreds. He says the building was completely destroyed and he believes the Russian casualties were recruits, not those who chose to fight.

Medvedev and Moscow want Vladimir Putin on trial for treason
Igor Girkin, Photo credit: Getty Images

Britain’s Express reports that Russian President Vladimir Putin is facing “furious calls from Moscow officials to stand trial for treason after up to 400 Russian soldiers were killed in a Ukrainian strike.”

The first to shout Mr. Putin with a call for a trial for high treason was Mr. Andrey Medvedev. He said the Kremlin has one task and that is to value Russian life. According to Medvedev, “stupid personnel losses” should be seen as “treason to the fatherland”. Mr. Andrey Medvedev is not a random person in the Moscow political environment – he is the deputy chairman of the Moscow City Duma.

Mr. Medvedev is not alone. Former member of the Russian Senate and representative in the upper house, Mr. Sergey Mironov, demanded that officials be held accountable for the “concentration of Russian personnel in an unprotected building.” Sources in Moscow said that even Mr. Putin’s supporters were furious that Russian soldiers were being “warehoused” in a building totally unfit for war.

Medvedev and Moscow want Vladimir Putin on trial for treason
Andey Medvedev, Photo credit: Wikipedia

Pro-Russian military blogger Archangel Spetznaz Z called the state leadership “fools”. “What happened in Makiivka is terrible. Who came up with the idea of putting mass personnel in a building where even a fool knows that even if they [Ukrainians – ed.] hit with artillery, there will be many wounded or killed?” Archangel Spetznaz Z is one of the most-read Russian bloggers in the country with over 700,000 followers on the Telegram channel.

Archangel Spetznaz Z even went further in his comment saying that the Russian commanders and leaders with this act [accommodating military personnel in an unsecured building] almost did not differentiate between man and machine and actually compared human life with the value of the military equipment that was also stored there.

Medvedev and Moscow want Vladimir Putin on trial for treason
Alexander Nevzorov, Photo credit: YouTube

The Kremlin continues to be attacked by Russian journalists, although they are mostly exiled journalists who have long since left the country for fear of the Putin regime. Such a journalist is Mr. Alexander Nevzorov, who did not spare harsh words against the Kremlin, accusing the state leadership of not even making attempts to retrieve the bodies of the fallen Russian soldiers. He said: “Uncounted and uninteresting bodies will be left to rot under the concrete rubble. Soldier meat in Russia is so cheap that there is no point in counting.”

Against the background of everything happening in Moscow and the Kremlin’s attempts not to talk about it in the international media, Ukraine is preparing for new Russian strikes. According to Ukrainian President Mr. Volodymyr Zelensky, Moscow is preparing for new drone attacks against Kyiv using Iranian-made Shahed drones.


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