Terrifying view: air traces at least 26 missiles inbound on Ukraine

KYIV, UKRAINE — A new video posted on December 31, hours before New Year’s Eve, evoked horrifying associations, but the backdrop of the holiday. The video was posted by a Twitter account claiming to be a retired Engineer and USCG Master Captain.

Terrifying view: air traces at least 26 missiles inbound on Ukraine
Video screenshot

The footage captured the sky above the Russian city of Astrakhan. It is located in Eastern European Russia. An unarmed look-through of the 12-second clip can count the airborne tracks [the trail left by burned fuel] of at least 26 cruise missiles on their way to Ukraine. The Twitter account claimed that a Tu-95 bomber was most likely used to launch the missiles.

If Russia used a Tu-95 bomber, it means that a minimum of four bombers were used to leave such a trail in the air. There is no definitive proof that the video was shot on December 31st, but subsequent events [described below] are more likely to confirm this report.

Impact on residential buildings

Later, the Telegram channel Kyiv Info posted a short video from downtown Kyiv. Air raid sirens and an explosion are heard. There is no power infrastructure in central Kyiv, suggesting that either government buildings or civilian buildings were most likely attacked.

Terrifying view: air traces at least 26 missiles inbound on Ukraine
Hotel Alfavito, Twitter

A few hours later, Belarus was allegedly attacked by kamikaze drones, most likely Iranian. The information was confirmed by Russian media, according to which a major attack by Shahed drones was carried out from northern Belarus.

Confirmed information is that a hotel in Kyiv where Western experts and advisers are staying was attacked during the air attacks. The information comes from a Russian Telegram channel, which says that the hotel was being evacuated at the time of the attack. This information was released around 4:00 pm on December 31st. Later, photos of the attacked hotel appeared, confirming the information.

Strikes in Western Ukraine

The town of Khmelnytskyi in western Ukraine was attacked with cruise missiles. Photos on social media confirmed the work of firefighters from the city trying to put out the fires caused by the rocket attacks.

Terrifying view: air traces at least 26 missiles inbound on Ukraine
Khmelnytskyi, UKR, Photo credit: Twitter

A video circulating on social media also shows a moment of a cruise missile diving in the city of Khmelnytskyi. A powerful explosion follows. Video footage and photographs show destroyed civilian buildings.

New Year’s Eve in Kyiv

Kyiv was quite noisy that night, according to some sources. Missile attacks and drone attacks have been carried out by the Russian armed forces. Sources say that the Ukrainian air defense stationed in and around Kyiv was heavily involved in the counter-defense of the city.

Terrifying view: air traces at least 26 missiles inbound on Ukraine
Taras Shevchenko National University, Twitter

There are reports that Taras Shevchenko National University was also attacked. A photo is circulating claiming this. According to sources, the university was attacked with a cruise missile, not kamikaze drones.


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