Turkey developed a 5.56×45 PDW firing even with the stock folded

ANKARA ($1=18.69 Turkish Liras) — Turkish company Kale Kalip has introduced new functionality to its KNG-C5 carbine. The personal defense weapons [PDW] can fire even when its stealth is folded. The information was provided in a tweet from the Turkish company’s official Twitter account.

Turkey unveiled a KNG-C5 rifle and Indonesia immediately bought it
Photo credit: SavunmaSanayiST.com

Fire capability with a folded stock provides new opportunities for soldiers or protected bodies. The PDW is perfectly suited for special forces, or for bodyguards of high-ranking political leaders. The fact that the folding butt provides the possibility to hide the PDW well under civilian clothing and the new possibility of firing without the need to unfold the butt makes it easier to work with the firearm.

The KNG-C5 is a 7.5” PDW 55.56×45 NATO standard caliber. There are three firing modes – single, semi-automatic, and fully automatic firing modes. The KNG-C5 weighs just over 2.8 kg. The cartridge magazine allows the loading of 20 or 30 cartridges. The rate of fire of the KNG-C5 is 850 rpm. The barrel length is 7.5” or 190 mm.

KNG-C5 is a new product of Kale Kalip introduced in November this year. The company officially unveiled it at the Indo Defense 2022 international military exhibition in Indonesia. The Turkish company defines the KNG-C5 as the PDW of the new generation. The company has already signed its first contract to sell the KNG-C5 specifically to the Indonesian government.

The KNG-C5 has a range of up to 300 meters. Experts say that carbines of this type are gaining more and more important for the troops. Clashes are now shifting from open spaces to denser areas such as urban areas. In this case, operators armed with the KNG-C5 gain better mobility and faster foresight in the conflict zone.

The KNG-C5 has a low weight, which is also an advantage. Although officially, the range of the KNG-C5 is 300 meters, experts say that with the use of more advanced ammunition, it can increase to 400 meters. The KNG-C5 uses an adjustable gas valve, allowing the suppressor to be selected.


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