CV90 fired MBDA’s Akeron MP missile, locking the target instantly

STOCKHOLM ($1=10.43 Swedish Kronas) — For the first time, the Akeron MP missile of the MBDA company was fired from an infantry fighting vehicle CV90 of the manufacturer BAE Systems Hägglunds. An important stage was held on a test field in northern Sweden, in the presence of representatives of the country’s armed forces. The test is part of Europe’s Lynkeus program, which involves the use of target-designation drones with a missile system and a turret system on a ground platform.

CV90 fired MBDA's Akeron MP missile, locking the target instantly
Photo credit: BAE Systems / MBDA

The combination of the Akerun MP, within the framework of the European Defense Industrial Development Program [EDIDP] Lynkeus, with the CV90 combat system offers, according to its developers, “a unique ability to engage targets in complex environments. The formula’s success is achieved “through a combination of Akeron’s immediate target lock-on in pre-launch lock-on [LOBL] mode or in-flight target acquisition in post-launch lock-on [LOAL] mode,” and it’s “made possible by information, provided to the crew by the CV90 combat system’.

The result, the source said, is a unique ability to engage tanks at a distance of four kilometers “with the possibility of joint combat through the CV90 combat system with an integrated Lynkeus micro UAV for reconnaissance.”

Akeron is a fifth-generation tactical missile family that incorporates the latest technologies in high-resolution multi-band imaging, multi-effect warheads [anti-tank, anti-infrastructure, anti-personnel], data links, and multi-mode targeting algorithms based on artificial intelligence techniques.

The CV90, meanwhile, is a modern, high-capacity infantry fighting vehicle featuring an advanced integrated combat system linked to wider battlefield management systems.

Winter combat conditions

The firing conditions for the test in Sweden were established to highlight the complement of the advanced CV90 combat system with the “unique capability of the Akeron MP/Lynkeus and in terms of winter combat conditions in the Nordic country; with a successful block before launch [LOBL] in the TV strip”.

MBDA, which had revenue of 4.2 billion euros last year and added orders of 17.8 billion euros, has a catalog of 45 missile systems and countermeasures products already in service and another 15 under development. The company is jointly owned by the French-German-Spanish company Airbus [37.5%], the British BAE Systems [37.5%], and the Italian Leonardo [25%].


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