15 T-90M, 9 T-72B3 and 14 T-62M tanks on their way to Ukraine

MOSCOW ($1=70.25 Russian Rubles) — Russia is sending a new train set loaded with tanks for the Ukrainian front. A total of 38 Russian tanks of Soviet design were photographed loaded at the railway station in Rostov. It is about 15 T-90M tanks, 9 T-72B3 tanks, and 14 T-62M tanks.

UralVagonZavod delivered a new batch of T-90M tanks on December 20. Then the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation announced that a part of the tanks was leaving for deployment in the Central Military District. It is possible that these T-90, T-72B3, and T-62M tanks were repaired and refurbished.

Russia has announced that Russian tankers have been trained in the use of drones to increase the accuracy of their fire. The drones are used to guide the projectiles by transmitting more accurate coordinates to the gauge in the tank. The Russian Ministry of Defense also announced that all the systems of the newly delivered tanks were tested, as well as the passage through rugged terrain with multiple obstacles.

The tanks have received new engines as well, as BulgarianMilitary.com announced. Four days ago, the Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant reported that new engines had been delivered to all tanks in need of repair. The factory announced that in this way they fulfill state orders on time.

New 200 T-90M tanks sent to the eastern Ukrainian front line
Photo credit: comp-pro.ru

In the middle of the war this summer, Russia tried to save time and resources by sending mobile repair teams to do repairs in the field. However, this solution turned out to be ineffective, as the supply of components and spare parts proved difficult. Therefore, Moscow decided to carry out repairs of damaged heavy-armed land vehicles in the country’s repair plants. Two new repair shops were even built near Moscow and Rostov.

Russian sources say that the train with the tanks is destined for Donetsk. 205 km is the distance from Rostov-on-Don to the Donetsk region in Ukraine. This suggests that the tanks in less than half a day were delivered to the inventory of the Donetsk army.


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