At Kim Jong-un’s gates: thousands of US soldiers return to Korea

SEOUL ($1=1,275.06 South Korean Wons) — South Korea and the United States are considering a way to mark 70 years of cooperation. The anniversary is in 2023. South Korea’s defense ministry has announced that live firings are possible to mark US-Korea friendship.

Korea, Poland to make K2PL tanks based on 120mm Black Panther
Photo credit: Creative Commons

Large-scale military maneuvers are planned in 2023 near the border with North Korea. Live shooting, thousands of American and Korean soldiers, tanks and artillery will demonstrate their fighting ability and strength. This will be a signal not only to the northern part of the Korean peninsula but also to China that the allies are ready to respond to any future threat to peace in the region.

Such maneuvers have not happened for nearly six years. These include the use of combined firepower. The previous administration of Mr. Moon Jae-in did not conduct such military drills. Mr. Moon Jae-in was more interested in engagements and relationships with his northern neighbor than in a show of force to him.

There is still no official confirmation of the upcoming military maneuvers in 2023. This is an option that is being considered to be part of the celebrations. The South Korean Ministry of Defense reported that the 70th anniversary of its friendship with the United States is a very good occasion for Seoul to show the authority of its military.

The last such large-scale exercise between the two countries was held in 2017, 41 km northeast of Seoul. The exercise was held at the Pocheon training ground.

The drills in 2017

Then thousands of soldiers and weaponry were involved, including Apache helicopters, K2 Black Panther tanks, and F-15K fighters. Many ground weapon systems, such as salvo fire systems, Bradley fighting vehicles, etc., took part in the exercise in 2017. According to official information, 2,000 soldiers participated in the exercises in 2017.

Today, the US and South Korea were to begin military air maneuvers in the area of the Korean Peninsula. The maneuvers were canceled due to worsening weather conditions in South Korea. These would be the first training maneuvers of the American F-22 Raptor fighter jet, which flew in from its base in Okinawa, Japan.

The two countries have enjoyed excellent relations since the end of the Korean War, which ended in 1953. Their mutual defense is based on a treaty signed months after the three-year Korean War.


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