UAVs adjust T-90M tanks firing, new batch supplied to Russian army

MOSCOW ($1=70.40 Russian Rubles) — The Russian Armed Forces of the Central Military District of the Russian Federation received more T-90M Proryv-3 tanks. The new batch was delivered on December 20 by the largest tank manufacturer in Russia – UralVagonZavod. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, as well as the manufacturing company, did not specify the delivered quantity. However, the news was confirmed by the Ministry of Defense.

UAVs adjust T-90M tanks firing, new batch supplied to Russian army
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The Russian Ministry reports that the new tanks have been immediately put into operational readiness. Currently, tests and exercises are being conducted in central Russia only with the new machines delivered. T-90M crews practice tank control and live fire, thus testing all the systems of the armored fighting vehicle.

It is emphasized that in the ongoing tests, the tankers work together with ground drone operators. Their goal is to use “their birds” to adjust the tank’s fire. This is done after transmitting the target coordinates identified by the drone directly to the tank’s fire control system. In this way, Russian tank crews improve the accuracy and precision of the tank projectile. In addition, to live shooting with the assistance of drones, the tankers operate the tanks entrusted to them, passing through highly rugged areas with numerous obstacles, the press release said.

T-90M modernization

The T-90M is a modernization of an older version of the T-90AM tank. There are dozens of differences between the two variants, but the essential and main differences are as follows: the turret of the T-90M has a new design and a new ammunition storage compartment. This design was conceived after the lessons that Russian tankers learned the hard way in the ongoing war in Ukraine.

In previous variants of the T-90, as well as in various other Soviet/Russian tanks, the ammunition storage compartment was with the tank crew. Thus, the Ukrainian armed forces had a double success – by bombing the tank, the detonated compartment also killed the tank’s crew. Now, however, the designers from UralVagonZavod have separated the ammunition compartment beyond the reach of the tank crew.

Another essential difference is that the T-90M has an upgraded 125 mm 2A82-1M gun with an increased barrel length and a new “Kalina” fire control system. Last but not least, Russian engineers have integrated a thermal imaging channel for target tracking. This integration is done on the sight of the tank gun. In this way, the gunner and the commander in the tank have equal opportunities when searching for a target, which makes the “hunter-gunner” mode in the T-90M fire control system highly effective.

Relikt protection

Usually, the newly delivered batch of tanks is equipped with dynamic Relikt protection, which is not only found in this tank. Since the beginning of the war, Russia has integrated this dynamic protection in both T-90 and T-72 or T-80 tanks. This protection, according to the Russians, is distinguished by higher maintainability. “The installation of an electromagnetic protection system is directed against mines equipped with magnetometric fuses,” adds UralVagonZavod.

New T-90s for Russia: 125mm gun, HE ammo, missiles, space nav
Photo: Uralvagonzavod recalls that the modernized T-90M tanks were first presented in 2020. It was then that the delivery of the first batch began across the five main military districts of the Russian Federation. According to the agreement signed two years ago, all T-90 tanks must be upgraded to the T-90M Proryv-3 level.


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