Zelensky is mad: ‘Ukraine welcomes’ new mil-base, but it’s Russian

MOSCOW ($1=66.45 Russian Rubles) — While Russia is bombing Ukraine’s infrastructure, giving no time for Ukrainian air defense to rest, new construction activities on large new buildings are appearing in a place almost forgotten today. In the beginning and middle of the war, the Ukrainian city of Mariupol on the Sea of Azov was subject to a massive, full-scale, and destructive bombing by the Russian armed forces.

Zelensky is mad: 'Ukraine welcomes' new mil-base, but it's Russian
Photo credit: Twitter

Today, however, as the world watches exactly what is happening on the front lines, Moscow is quietly and gradually rebuilding the city and driving Ukrainian President Mr. Volodymyr Zelensky into a rage.

New construction buildings, facilities, and suspected military sites are mushrooming in Mariupol. Russia apparently fervently believes that Russian soldiers will remain there and that the city will remain under Russian control. It is not just pictured on social media that support the information that Russian construction companies are currently rebuilding the city. There are satellite photos that even provoke some experts to claim that a new military huge military base has appeared in Mariupol. Logically – a Russian military base.

U-shaped building

Maxar Technologies, which is not the first to distribute satellite images not only from Ukraine but also from various conflict zones, shared photos of a U-shaped building, which military experts say is a Russian military base. The building is decorated with red paint and a blue star. The blue star symbolizes the Russian armed forces.

On the roof of the building, even from a satellite, the inscription in Russian “From Russian Army for Mariupol citizens” is clearly visible. Other experts suggest that this may not be a military base, but a depot for storing Russian ammunition and weapons. Something that Russia has often used as a practice since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. The satellite photos were taken at the end of November – on November 30th.

However, some netizens say that in their opinion, this is not a military base, but a hospital. They support their claims with several other satellite images of U-shaped Russian buildings, namely hospitals and medical facilities. According to some other analyses, the building in question is a new medical diagnostic center.

Other photos on social media show newly built apartment buildings, recently built and brightly painted. The Russians allegedly used migrants from Tajikistan to construct the buildings. Some claim that Tajik migrants have not been paid despite being promised. Others say they were paid half of what was promised.


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