Factory for 35mm Gepard’s ammunition is being built in Germany

BERLIN ($1=0=94 Euros) — 30 German self-propelled anti-aircraft gun [SPAAG] Gepard are in service in Ukraine. They were donated by the German government to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The military aid from Berlin is in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24 this year.

Germany’s Gepards are effective against low-flying aerial targets, such as missiles or kamikaze drones, which Russia has begun to use more frequently in recent months. Mostly Iranian Shahed and Russian Lancet drones.

When the Gepards were donated, however, a problem arose. Germany does not have stockpiles of 35mm ammunition for its SPAAGs. Switzerland, as the main producer of this 35 mm ammunition, refused their production, as Berne observes neutrality regarding the war in Ukraine. For this reason, Berlin was forced to seek ammunition from Gepard operators around the world, but this action did not have the desired effect.

Then a proposal by Norway to develop 35mm ammunition appeared on the horizon. It did, but it ran into problems during testing. The ammunition was not recognized by the fire control system. Later, joint efforts of Norwegian and German experts solved this problem. Thus, Ukraine received the desired ammunition and began effective use of the Gepard SPAAG.

Ukraine is to receive a total of 50 units of the German mobile anti-aircraft system. I.e. Berlin will deliver at least 20 more to Kyiv in the coming months. But it is not only Ukraine. Brazil, Jordan, Romania, and Qatar are Gepard SPAAG operators, which means those countries will need the munitions as well.

Germany might deliver 35mm autocannon Gepard SPAAG to Ukraine
Photo credit: Wikipedia

Thus, Berlin has decided to start production of the necessary 35mm ammunition. For this purpose, a factory for the production of 35mm ammunition is currently being built. According to various reports, production should begin in January 2023. Most likely, the production will not be focused solely on the production of ammunition for the Gepard SPAAG, but it is assumed that by the end of the war in Ukraine it will be leading.

This will solve a rather serious problem for the Ukrainian armed forces. The steady supply of ammunition means faster delivery of the remaining 20 Gepard SPAAG units. Increasing air attacks by Russian missiles and drones are currently the biggest problem for the Ukrainian armed forces. So the use of Gepard SPAAG becomes more and more important for them.


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