Ukraine got ‘in greatest secret’ T-72 parts to fight Russia

KYIV ($1=36.57 Ukrainian Hryvnias) — The war between Russia and Ukraine is being fought in Europe, but in reality, on a diplomatic level, it is being fought all over the world. From Japan is its decision to revise the rules for the export of Japanese weapons, through Russia’s former socialist and communist servants in the Balkans, through Europe and its influence in some Latin American countries, and all the way to Africa.

See what Ukraine modifies on the Polish-supplied T-72M1R tanks
T-72M1R, Twitter

Yes, Africa, is a continent that enjoys Russian influence that has been increasing over the years. Many countries have good political and trade relations with Russia. Many of them are mainly armed with Soviet or Russian weapons. It is hard to think that there is a country on this continent that would choose Ukraine as the right side in the conflict.

However, Morocco chose Ukraine. Not without the help of the USA, of course. In secret diplomatic negotiations between Washington and Rabat, business and political shuttles on various axes of understanding, Rabat agreed to supply Ukraine with spare parts for Ukrainian T-72 tanks. It is the most used tank in the war, both by Russia and Ukraine, but more so by Ukraine.

Morocco is the first African country to agree to support Ukraine. This is an important fact, especially from a historical point of view. Russia has been a friend of Morocco for years. Moscow helped Rabat eliminate the French colonial presence in the 1920s with the help of the Soviet Comintern. Going back years, Russia was actually the first European country to establish ties with Morocco.

It is even more painful for the Kremlin that during the Cold War Morocco was one of Russia’s biggest trading partners. Especially after gaining independence from France. Morocco did not even participate in the UN vote that condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. And despite the deteriorating relations between Russia and Morocco in the 1980s, at the expense of Egypt, Rabat remains a sore subject for Moscow.

Ukrainian refugees are building almost from scratch T-72 tanks
Video screenshot

Morocco is one of several African countries operating the Soviet-designed T-72 tank. At the beginning of the new millennium, Rabat acquired the tanks from “brotherly” Belarus. The Moroccan army operates T-72B/BK version tanks.

Such involvement of Morocco with military aid might never have happened if Russia had not invaded Ukraine. Despite the peace in 2015, the Moroccans refused to sell spare parts for Ukrainian main battle tanks to the state-owned Ukrainian company Ukroboronservice. It now appears that, after some pressure from the US, Rabat will help keep Kyiv’s T-72s.

A deal has been made, and that much is clear. But apparently, Morocco’s initial neutrality regarding the Russia-Ukraine war was read correctly by Moscow, as the Russians never bothered to look to Morocco for the acquisition of Moroccan spare parts for the Russian T-72s. On the contrary, Russia turned to Iran and North Korea, which opened the door wide for Western secret diplomacy to turn “Moroccan opinion” in the “right direction”.


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