Japan increasing PAC3 detection range to counter the DF-17

TOKYO ($1=137.18 Japanese Yens) — To deal with hypersonic weapons, which are difficult to intercept, the Japanese government began coordination to modify the Air Force’s PAC3 surface-to-air missile for self-defense, used to intercept missiles. Equipped with high-detection radar. It will be included in the Defense Buildup Plan [currently the Mid-Term Defense Buildup Plan], which will be approved by the Cabinet on the 16th.

Japan increasing PAC3 detection range to counter Beijing's DF-17
Photo credit: blogspot

This was confirmed by several government officials. Hypersonic weapons fly in irregular trajectories at five times the speed of sound [Mach 5] or more. China has the Dongfeng [DF] 17 medium-range ballistic missiles, which can carry a hypersonic glide weapon [HGV] that glides to a target after being separated from the ballistic missile. She fires a weapon called a hypersonic missile.

Japan’s anti-missile defense consists of eight Aegis-equipped destroyers and 34 PAC-3s equipped with interceptor missiles.

The government plans to modify part of the PAC3 and introduce the new LTAMDS radar that the US military plans to deploy. The detection range is several times longer than before, and the ability to identify high-speed missiles with an irregular trajectory is expected to improve the interception rate.

“To improve the detection and tracking capabilities of heavy goods vehicles, we will improve the capabilities of existing fixed warning and control radars and develop next-generation warning and control radars,” the Japan Air Self-Defense Force statement said.

Alongside the defense build-up plan, the government will specify in the National Security Strategy, decided by Cabinet, that it has a “counter-attack capability” to destroy enemy missile sites for self-defense purposes. On the other hand, the government will continue to seek to improve missile interception capabilities, which will lead to improved deterrence.


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