Russia increases equipment and medical supplies to the army

MOSCOW ($1= Russian Rubles) — The Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Mr. Mikhail Mishustin, announced new standards that will have to be followed by the country’s military-production industrial complex. Today, December 6, Mr. Mushistin issued an instruction to increase supplies of equipment and medicine to the Russian army. The Russian military units in Ukraine have priority in the upcoming deliveries.

Russia is increasing military production and reducing deadlines
Photo credit: Sergey Manontov

All important services have confirmed to the Government of the Russian Federation that they will bring the necessary standards to the real needs. These services are the Ministry of Defense, the Russian Guard, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the FSB.

Mushistin wants all enterprises related to arms production to build inter-factory cooperation. According to the minister, the technological obstacles in the plants that supply the Russian army must be removed. Both a corporate and state assessment and analysis of individual key units in the weapons factories are forthcoming. These are design offices operating in the war zone.

Mushistin’s actions are part of the recommendations of Russian President Mr. Vladimir Putin. In early November, Mr. Putin recommended that the Russian military receive everything it needs without deprivation. He made this recommendation during a three-day meeting with Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and Prime Minister Mishustin.

Mushistin and the Russian government must propose to the Russian president solutions to optimize the costs necessary for the “Russian special military operation” to continue. However, there is still no report, or at least no information about such a report, from the government to Mr. Putin. The report of the specially appointed Coordination Council, which monitors the needs arising during the “special military operation”, is also awaited.

These three men have the power over Russia's nuclear bombs
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In recent months, has reported on some military-production changes in the Russian weapons complex. Russia has announced that some production has been increased. Also, the government extended working hours in the complexes related to the arms industry.

According to reports, in recent weeks, Russia has delivered new batches of tanks [mostly T-90 and T-80], as well as Su-30, Su-35, and Su-34 fighter-bomber fighters. Russia has taken steps to increase production at the Samara enterprise UEC-Kuznetsov. The investment is large-scale and increases the production area by 11 thousand square meters. Russia produces the engines for its two strategic bombers – the Tu-95 and the Tu-160 – at this plant.

Russia has been struggling for the past nine months in the production of weapons systems. Similar decrees and recommendations issued by the Russian government are due to the economic sanctions imposed by the West. Russia now has almost no access to Western chips, integrated circuits, and semiconductors. Certain materials were also restricted for import.


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