‘Fresh’ September-made MKB’s cruise missiles fly over Ukraine

LONDON ($1=0.82 GBP) — BulgarianMilitary.com has already reported that Russia has started using missiles in Ukraine directly delivered from the factories. Such a practice is rare. Russia, and not only this country, prefer to test its weapons systems before they are put into operational readiness. The war with Ukraine is the reason why the Russian military has accelerated the processes of delivery to the soldiers at the front, ignoring or simply skipping some procedures. Such a decision cannot be taken arbitrarily, so there are assumptions that the high command staff, after permission from the Kremlin, ensures fast deliveries.

Russia lost a Sukhoi bomber, it was shot down by a missile
Photo credit: Creative commons

Independent investigative journalists, mostly British, are investigating debris from missiles that hit their targets in Ukraine. The missiles examined are from the Russian missile strike on November 23rd. The final report of the experts is that Russia continues to produce advanced cruise missiles, including the Kh-101. Debris from already used rockets indicates that the rockets are “fresh” – produced this September. I.e. less than a month before the November 23rd missile attack.

The Kh-101 is a Russian cruise missile product of the Russian bureau MKB Raduga. This cruise missile is the latest version of the aging Kh-55. The average price of one Kh-101 missile is 1 million USD.

Such a revelation by investigative journalists strongly contradicts the thesis that Russia’s access to advanced semiconductors, chips, and integrated circuits has been cut off. This conclusion is important, considering that in recent months, Western media, including us [BulgarianMilitary.com] analyzed and concluded that the production of such weapons without access to these technologies is impossible.

'Non-classical' Su-57s are using Soviet-made Kh-59M ASM in Ukraine
Photo credit: Wikipedia

I.e. if it really is impossible, then it becomes clear that Russia has found a way to secure access to these technologies. Such an assumption may turn out to be true, since Russia claims almost daily that it is increasing its military production in various spheres of the five military domains, including cruise missiles.

These claims do not come from the media or “anonymous sources”, but from the Prime Minister of Russia, Mr. Mikhail Mishustin, various general directors of Russian military factories, as well as personally from the President of the Russian Federation, Mr. Vladimir Putin.

Speaking of anonymous sources, one that claims to be from US military intelligence says that Russia is having trouble producing cruise missiles after all. According to the source, Russia is launching fewer missiles than before, indicating insufficient production. Many of these missiles hit smaller targets than before, the same source said.

Russian Kh-101 stealth attack cruise missile use 35 US-made chips
Photo: Missile Threat

As BulgarianMilitary.com wrote, Ukrainian military intelligence also concluded that the missiles were “just” manufactured. A statement by Mr. Vadim Skibsky, a representative of the Ukrainian military intelligence [GUR] says that despite the reduced number of missiles used, Ukraine should not underestimate the fact that Russia still has enough to continue its military actions.

“Some rockets come straight off the production line. How long they last depend largely on production. Compared to the pre-war period, production has decreased, but, unfortunately, Russia can still produce a certain number of cruise missiles and other weapons used against our country as a result of circumventing economic sanctions,” Skibsky said.


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