Production of Russian precision-guided missiles is slipping

WASHINGTON — Russia continues to carry out missile strikes on critical Ukrainian infrastructures. Precision cruise missiles are the primary weapons used for them. According to Western analysts, however, Moscow should have exhausted its stockpile of guided missiles long ago. Similar claims were also made by official Kyiv.

Production of Russian precision-guided missiles is slipping Avril Haines
Photo credit: Wikipedia

If these claims are to be believed, is it possible that Russia has received new guided missiles from a foreign supplier? This is again an unsubstantiated claim at this time. Officially, Washington has no evidence of delivery of foreign precision-guided missiles to Moscow.

Against the backdrop of continued Russian missile attacks, Washington makes a controversial statement. According to intelligence, Russia is having difficulty producing precision-guided missiles. This is claimed by the Director of National Intelligence of the USA in the Biden administration, Mrs. Avril Danica Haines.

“I can’t give exact numbers, but it [the consumption of precision munitions] is happening quite quickly. From our data, they don’t have the ability to fully domesticate what they are consuming right now. So it will be a challenge for them,” said Mrs. Haines.

Apparently, the production of precision munitions is experiencing problems. The fact is that Russia has widely announced the supply of armored combat vehicles for the infantry, tanks, military transport aircraft, fighter jets, etc. But Moscow very rarely, and for several months now, has not announced the delivery of guided missiles. At least not through official channels.

Top 5 of the best and deadliest Russian cruise missiles
Kh-55 cruise missile, photo credit: Wikipedia

To date, there is evidence that Russia has used Iranian drones against Ukraine. There are claims, supported by experts in international trade and military tactics, but again without evidence, that Moscow has supplied North Korean dump bombs. However, these munitions are neither homing nor precision-guided, although Moscow can make them so by integrating a homing kit.

There should be logic in the belief that Russia has long since exhausted its stockpile of such missiles. The import of semiconductors, integrated circuits and chips was actually stopped in Moscow. They are the main component in building the guidance systems that actually turn a dump bomb into a guided missile.

Russia can buy these delicate electronics from the open civilian market. Although it is not intended for military purposes, history has already proven that civilian electronics can be integrated. Perhaps this is the basis of Haines’ statement that the Russians are having difficulty producing precision missiles. But do these difficulties mean a reduction in production rates, or a reduction in the accuracy of the ammunition?

Russia fired at Kyiv nuke Kh-55 with a removed nuclear warhead
Photo credit: Defense Express

Ms Haines’ comments come after a Russian missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead fell in Ukraine. However, the Kh-55 missile that wintered in Ukraine had a dismantled warhead and an integrated warhead simulator. In the first days after this incident, this missile was used as evidence that Russia was reducing its stockpile of warheads.

Ms. Haines sees a reduction in hostilities in Ukraine on both sides as winter approaches. According to her, this reduction will continue in the coming months. But Haines wouldn’t commit to predicting what the world might expect come winter’s end.


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