UralVagonZavod supplied Russian Army new batch T-72B3M tanks

MOSCOW ($1= Russian Rubles) — The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, through the press service of the Central Military District, informed that the Russian army received a new batch of modernized tanks T72B3M. The delivery was made by the largest tank factory in Russia – UralVagonZavod. The delivery was made on December 1st, and today [December 2nd] the Russian ministry officially confirmed the news. The state news agency TASS also broke the news.

UralVagonZavod supplied Russian Army new batch T72B3M tanks
Photo credit: TASS

The tanks were T-72B. After the upgrade, they are now classified as T-72B3. According to the press release, almost all of the tank’s systems have been upgraded. It is not known which systems have undergone modernization, but the factory claims that maneuverability, firepower, and security have increased. According to engineers from UralVagonZavod, modernization improves the survivability and efficiency of the use of armored vehicles. This upgrade, the company says, concerns the tank as part of combined combat operations and as a vehicle attacked by an anti-tank missile.

The TASS news agency informs that this delivery is part of a state defense order. TASS and the Ministry of Defense do not inform what is the amount of modernized tanks sent back to the inventory of the Russian army.

Two years ago, UralVagonZavod modernized and delivered over 120 T72B3M tanks to the Russian army. In 2021, the Russian Federation announced that it would replace the tank’s main gun with a new 125mm gun.

The modernization of the T-72B to the T-72B3M began in 2018. Then the first modernized tank, let’s say the prototype T-72B3M passed several state tests. In addition to the new gun, the tank received a new engine with increased power to 1,130 horsepower. Additionally, the protection of the turret tanks, the side armor of the tank, as well as the floor part of the chassis was strengthened.

Russian T-72 tank will fire faster and more accurately after its latest upgrade
Photo credit: Wikipedia

In 2018, it was also announced that the tank was getting a new digital communication system, new advanced day and night sights, an advanced fire control system, as well as “some other systems” that were never specified.

Russia is the largest operator of the T-72 and the only operator of the T-72B3M. Other countries with T-72 tanks that received a modification close to the B3M [but not the same] are Syria and Belarus. Over 25,000 tanks have been produced since 1973 and production continues.

Against the backdrop of economic sanctions imposed by the West against Russia, the production of tanks and heavy armored combat vehicles continues. In recent months, new batches of T-72, T-80 and T-90 tanks have been delivered. Russia increased working hours and redirected the defense budget to the production and maintenance of combat equipment.


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