Su-30SM2 fighter is in serial production, a new batch is expected

MOSCOW ($1=60.70 Russian Rubles) — On November 21, the United Aircraft Corporation [UAC] delivered to the Russian Air and Space Forces [VKS] a new batch of Su-30SM2 fighter jets and Yak-130 light attack and training aircraft. This was another delivery of fighter jets within a few weeks. recalls that the Air Force received a new batch of Su-34 fighter bombers on November 17.

Russian fighters into air defense range of Alaska and Canada - NORAD
Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

According to Russian experts, the Su-30SM2 has proven itself in the war in Ukraine and is becoming an effective air weapon. For this reason, the Minister of Industry and Trade, Mr. Denis Manturov, stated that the modified Su-30SM2 is entering serial production. According to him, by the end of 2022, Russian pilots will receive a new batch of this fighter. This will mean a third delivery of Su-series fighters in just 60 days.

Moscow has apparently been hesitant about deploying the Su-30SM2 in the Ukraine war. Actually, the Su-30SM2 modification was announced in 2020, when Moscow ordered 21 fighters from it. They are built and delivered. But Moscow wants more, it is clear from the statement of Mr. Yuriy Slyusar, director general of the UAC. He confirmed to the Russian media that another delivery of the same fighter to the Russian Air Force is expected by the end of the year.

The first batch to the Baltic fleet

It remains unclear who will receive the planes. These are fighters for the naval forces of the Russian Federation. According to sources, the first batch delivered a few days ago replenished the inventory of the Russian Baltic fleet. However, the batch expected by the end of the year remains with an unknown recipient. Experts say that wherever the new combat aircraft are redeployed, it will increase the combat capability of the military unit by one and a half times.

Russia gets new Su-30 - 16% more thrust, new radar, UAV control
Photo credit: UAC

Russian journalists claim that the new batch is most likely built. Her pre-announcement speaks to just that, they say. This means that the final state ground and flight tests are beginning before they are sent for operational readiness.

It should be noted that despite the difficulties, UAS continues to produce fighters for Russia. The pace is not as expected, but the air factories have not stopped working and are working in full shifts. recalls that the Russian Federation redirects a large part of its military budget to the production of existing military technologies. This is because of the war with Ukraine. Thus, Moscow currently finances only production, while research and development and the development of new technologies have almost ceased, but have not stopped.

Su-30SM2 upgrades

But what is new in the modified Su-30SM2 fighter? First of all – a new engine. The Su-30SM2 already flies with the same engine that powers another Russian flagship – the Su-35 Flanker-E. I.e. the engine is the AL-41F1S, which provides more traction while maintaining thrust vectoring. This guarantees not only the preservation of the maneuverability of the fighter but also its increase.

Indian Su-30MKI successfully launched stealthy BrahMos ramjet ALCM
Photo credit: Twitter

Increased the range of the aircraft in terms of intercepting enemy aircraft and objects. That means a new radar and improved avionics. This is supposed to significantly improve the combat capabilities of the Su-30SM2. The Russian state-owned enterprise UAS also announced new ammunition, without announcing what exactly. It only mentions that the range “of ammunition by hundreds of kilometers” has been increased. Examining the press release thus sent, the UAS is most likely talking about air-to-air missiles that are used for enemy air targets. Other armaments, such as free-falling bombs, remain unchanged in characteristics.


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