Medvedev: Russian weapons stockpiles are enough for everyone

MOSCOW ($1=59.80 Russian Rubles) — A lack of weapons may be one of the reasons why the war in Ukraine has stalled. It is about the battlefield because the war on the political stage will continue. For nine months, Russia has been in Ukraine and has been carrying out its military operations, classifying them as a “special military operation”. For nine months, Ukraine continues to defend itself, and in recent months it has even launched a counter-offensive to return the temporarily occupied territories.

Medvedev: The United States feeds the activities of ISIS
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Already at the beginning of the war, it was clear that the stockpiles of weapons would tip the balance in one direction or the other. Contrary to the Kremlin’s expectations, Western countries stood behind Ukraine, quite logically, and for nine months have been supplying weapons to the Ukrainian armed forces.

Currently, the Ukrainian armed forces have a more regular supply of weapons than the Russians. The reason is simple: everyone supplies Ukraine, and only Russia supplies itself [with minor exceptions, such as missiles from North Korea and drones from Iran]. However, it was precisely these supplies of the two Asian countries to Russia that were one of the reasons why the West talked about starting to exhaust Russian supplies.

Perhaps North Korea’s supply of missiles is a red light for Russia, but Moscow has mostly imported “dump bombs” that have already served their purpose and are not the main target of the Russian armed forces.

New batch of eight 'naked' T-90 tanks is on its way to Ukraine
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It was Western comments about the depletion of Russian weapons that forced the Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia, Mr. Dmitry Medvedev, to give an interview on the subject. He spoke to journalists of the Russian media, today, November 23, while visiting the state-owned research and production enterprise “Region”.

Medved said that the calculations of the “enemies” were wrong and there were weapons for everyone. “The enemies continue to carefully ‘calculate’ our launches and our deliveries. They hope in vain to exhaust our possibilities. To be continued. Enough for everyone!” He repeated this in his Telegram account.

It is not the first time that Medvedev has had to send such a message in recent weeks. At the end of October, he was the first to say that the “enemy’s analyses” of the worn-out and expiring Russian weaponry were not correct and did not answer the truth. On October 24, he repeated these claims while visiting Uralvagonzavod to see how to tank production was going.

Russia 'will spit out' tanks continuously - introduced overtime-uralvagonzavod-1
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During the two-day visit to “Region”, Medvedev discussed with the heads of the state enterprise the supply of weapons to the Russian armed forces in Ukraine. recalls that on September 20, the President of the Russian Federation, Mr. Vladimir Putin, issued an order to increase the capacity of military production and extend working hours.

Logic in Medvedev’s words can be found. In just one week, Russia received new deliveries of new batches of Su-30, Su-34 fighter jets, and the Yak-130 light attack and trainer aircraft. This month, the Kremlin announced that all missile forces had been re-armed with the latest Iskander-M ballistic missile. Russia also delivered new Avangard hypersonic missiles to some missile troops in the Central Military District.

This is what the Franco-German main battle tank looks like
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Against the background of the sanctions, it is clear that the Russian state is constantly investing in increasing production. The latest modifications are new production facilities for the production of Su-57 Felon fighters. Almost $6 billion is being invested by Russia to increase the production of engines powering their strategic bombers. Earlier in the year, production was increased at Uralvagonzavod, as well as at several other manufacturers of heavy armored combat equipment.

It appears that if the world is hoping that the war will end because of a shortage of weapons in one of the two belligerent countries, that is unlikely. But there is always the possibility that supplies to Ukraine and Russia will stop. Simply because the commodity quantity of weapons is not infinite, and the rates of production relative to the rates of consumption in war are not proportional quantity.


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