In Poland: If Kyiv fails, US will ‘send’ Polish troops to Ukraine

WARSAW ($1=4.55 Polish Zlotys) — Polish political scientist Mr. Leszek Sikulski paints a bleak future for Europe in the coming months. It is related to the ongoing war in Ukraine. The political scientist sees a direct involvement of Poland in war-torn Ukraine. This may develop into an international conflict, which will no longer be limited to the territory of Ukraine.

A new missile will be born in collaboration between Poland and Ukraine
Photo credit: Polish MoD

Sikulski believes that Washington will influence Warsaw. This will happen under the following scenario: if Kyiv fails in the coming months and Ukraine weakens [perhaps Sikulski sees the coming winter as the reason for the weakening], Washington will influence the Polish Law and Justice party [PiS in Polish]. PiS currently rules Poland through its government and is known for pro-European and pro-American policies, says Sikulski.

According to him, the US will insist that Poland send troops to Ukraine to fight against Russia. “If Ukraine weakens, the Americans will put pressure on the Polish government to provide Kyiv with direct aid. Ask yourself, do we want this, are we ready to fight today?” asks Sikulski in an article published in the Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza on November 16.

To protect the fatherland

Mr. Leszek Sikulski says Poland may not only bow to American pressure but is preparing for hostilities with Russia in the east. As an argument, the Pole used the recently adopted law from Poland “For the protection of the fatherland”. This law provides for the restoration of compulsory pre-conscription military service, as well as compulsory military service for women.

The controversial Sikulski

Mr. Leszek Sikulski is considered in Poland to be a pro-Russian person. He even worked as a security analyst in President Lech Kaczynski’s chancellorship. Mr. Tomasz Nyczka, an expert on discrimination and Polish politics, says about him in his article in the Polish publication Wyborcza: “Sikulski and other “anti-system patriots”, and in fact, pro-Russian commentators, share anti-Ukrainian and anti-American views. They want to live in peace with Russia, which attacked Ukraine.”

Sikulski has strongly expressed pro-Russian and anti-Ukrainian comments. A controversial figure in Poland recently publicly criticized a woman who was raped as a child by a priest. Sikulski spoke about the involvement of Polish mercenaries in Ukraine, and recently participated in a conversation on “Who cares about Poland’s involvement in the war with Russia?”

Polish mercenaries

Sikulski’s claim about Polish masterminds apparently found good “soil” to germinate among the Russian media. On November 15, Russian online media Izvestia published a video of a Bushmaster infantry vehicle hit by a shell. Izvestia claimed, citing the Twitter account’s claims, that the vehicle was operated and transported by Polish mercenaries. The Twitter account says that the blown-up Bushmaster was located in the Kupyanska region.

There are other claims, such as that there are currently up to 5,000 Polish mercenaries in the Zaporizhzhia region. cannot confirm the veracity of the above-mentioned video, as well as the claims to it, as well as the claims of Polish mercenaries.

However, it is a fact that since the beginning of the war, mercenaries from different countries have taken part in both warring countries. There is strong evidence through interviews of mercenaries, mercenaries captured by Russia or Ukraine, and active diplomatic action to release mercenaries in both directions.


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