Japan will hunt Mach 5 hypersonic missiles changing their path

TOKYO ($1=139.52 Japanese Yens) — Japan’s defense ministry is looking for a way to counter the growing threat of hypersonic weapons. Currently, Russia has officially confirmed the development of at least two hypersonic missiles. The US is also currently developing a ground- and air-launched version. China is believed to have hypersonic missiles, but there is no officially confirmed information.

Indian rocket successfully launched Brazilian satellite into orbit
Photo credit: Space.com

Japan realizes that modern anti-aircraft missile defense systems cannot meet the challenge posed by hypersonic missiles. Therefore, one possible solution is for Tokyo to rely on early warning systems.

It is for this reason that Japan will launch 50 satellites into low Earth orbit to build a communications network. The Japanese Ministry of Defense is currently considering such a decision. Sources in Tokyo say a network of 50 satellites could not only warn Japan of a hypersonic missile being fired at the country but could be used to strike back.

Most likely, as Japanese sources claim, the 50 satellites will be located in positions from which certain enemy objects can be observed for a certain period.

Japan says that after the 50 satellites are launched and full synergy is achieved between them in the cancellation of data and information, Tokyo will test the network on a purposely jettisoned hypersonic missile traveling at Mach 5. One of the conditions of the future test is, the rocket moves on a continuously changing trajectory to test communication between satellites.

The new satellites, if accepted as a solution, will most likely be launched one after the other in the period 2023-2027. If approved as a solution, they will enter Japan’s new defense plan, which covers this particular period.

There is a strong possibility that Japan will invite private contractors to undertake the construction and launch of the satellites. However, it is clear that together with its 50 satellites, as well as partner imagery from US satellites, Japan will receive better awareness. This is also a guarantee for better protection of the country, say defense experts in Japan.


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