Russia gave Iran British NLAW and American Javelin and Stinger

LONDON ($1=0.84 GBP) — Man-portable anti-tank missiles and surface-to-air missiles manufactured by the UK and the US have been sent to Iran. These are FIM-92 Stinger man-portable air-defense system, Saab Bofors Dynamics NLAW anti-tank guided missile and FGM-148 Javelin anti-tank missile system. The information was revealed by the British news channel Sky News.

Photo credit: Daily Mail

Russia has received 160 Iranian-made drones, mostly Shahed-136 and Shahed-129, which wrote about. Later, the Russian Federation decided to increase their range by integrating GLONASS navigation modules. In exchange for these drones, Moscow is sending Tehran 140 million euros [according to Sky News] and the weapons systems described above captured in the still ongoing war.

It is expected, quite logically, that military engineers in Iran will disassemble the weapons systems sent and examine them. Western technology will be thoroughly researched and Iranian copies of these weapons will appear at a later stage.

The news of US and British weapons being sent to Iran has raised a key question in the British public. How far Iran will get access to Western technology and how advanced it is. British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace was quick to reassure the British that “Iran’s possession of these weapons is not a big problem”.

US confirmed: 5,000 ATGMs Javelin arrive in Ukraine on May 6
Image: US Army/Sgt. 1st Class Ben Houtkooper

The minister emphasized that London was deciding which weapon to send to Kyiv’s aid, and which version of the weapon to deliver was considered. I.e. what Britain has delivered to Ukraine “does not contain state-of-the-art technology”. Wobus said that is not an excuse and the government does not want these things to happen, but it is a risk that was taken when the decision was made to help Ukraine. “The reports are being followed up, but it’s not a big deal,” the British defense minister added.

Wallace gave as an example the NLAW anti-tank guided missiles supplied by Great Britain. He stressed that these systems have greatly helped the Ukrainian armed forces against Russian soldiers and are “extremely effective”. But, the systems they received in Kyiv are not built from next-generation technologies. I.e. there is a difference between what the Ukrainians use and what the British use, or the customers who wish to purchase the latest versions of NLAW.

“The same goes for the American Javelins. So I’m not particularly concerned. But of course, that was a risk we took within the calculation,” he pointed out. But Wallace added that in times of war or conflict, subterfuge is expected. So, just as Russia is studying Western weapons systems captured in the war, so Britain and its allies are doing the same with captured Russian weapons being shipped.

US Stinger air defense system 'sting' more seriously than the Russian 'needle'
Photo credit: Wikimag

Ben Wallace sees more benefit to the Allies than to Russia or Iran in examining the captured weapons. This is because, as the minister said, Russia has sent and lost a significant number of its high-end weapons. In this way, Wallace emphasized, “we also have the opportunity to study their technologies and accordingly develop countermeasures against them, which will give us a strategic advantage in the future.”


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