Here’s what Washington will do if Pyongyang conducts a nuke test

WASHINGTON — The United States intends to implement “integrated deterrence” tactics against North Korea. This is written by the Japanese online portal Kyodo News. According to the Japanese analysis, Pyongyang may conduct a nuclear test in the wake of the US midterm elections.

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This means that the Pentagon is ready to send a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier to the Sea of ​​Japan. Japan and South Korea will support Washington’s actions. North Korea has signaled that it is ready to conduct another nuclear test as the next step. Something the Asian country hasn’t done in years.

An aircraft carrier in the area would be only the first deterrence step by the US. Kyodo News sources say Washington will try to impose new economic sanctions on North Korea. For this purpose, the White House is preparing a resolution to be presented to the UN Security Council.

The US is also preparing a clear signal to North Korea. The head of the US Indo-Pacific Command, Admiral John Aquilino, may board the aircraft carrier. He will do this alongside high-ranking officers from the Japan Self-Defense Force as well as senior officers from the South Korean military.

Washington, however, continues to urge Pyongyang to refrain from a nuclear test that North Korea is said to have already made preparations for. 2022 was a record year for ballistic missiles launched by Pyongyang. One of them even flew over the whole of Japan to end up near the Japanese group of Senkaku Islands.

Japan and South Korea are also preparing sanctions resolutions. However, they will most likely be one-sided. There are serious concerns that the US sanction before the UN may not be passed because of the deterrent votes of Russia and China. However, if it passes, then the US will most likely drastically attack the import of crude oil and refined products from Pyongyang.

Japan is seriously worried about North Korea’s “irresponsible behavior” in recent years. It is Pyongyang and Beijing that is the reason why the Japanese Ministry of Defense decided to quickly develop a hypersonic missile to guarantee the security of the island nation. Also, the Ministry of Defense of Japan adopted a plan to extend the range of existing cruise missiles, part of the inventory of the Japanese army. Last but not least, Tokyo is likely to place more orders to acquire the US Tomahawk cruise missile.


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