New British Apache helos used in a deep-strike aviation battle group

LONDON ($1=0.88 GBP) — British Army pilots were allowed to explore and test the capabilities of the new Apache AH-64E helicopter for the first time. This happened during the Talon Guardian exercise, the Kingdom’s Ministry of Defense reported.

Photo credit: Boeing

The 3rd Regimental Army Air Corps [3 Regt AAC] took part in the exercise with their helicopters. During the exercise, British AH-64E Attack Helicopters were part of a deep-strike aviation battle group. The British Ministry of Defense is paying serious attention to the battle group because according to experts, the role of the AH-64E is the future of the combat operations of the British army.

The helicopters took part in complex maneuvers to test the air defense capabilities of the British Army. The maneuvers, the ministry said, took place in severe weather conditions – fog, rain, and wind in the Otterburn area of ​​Northumberland. The British Challenger 2 tanks took part in the exercise together with the air aces of the British AH-64E helicopters.

Going from the Apache Mk.1 to the AH-64E is like replacing a Nokia 3310 with an iPhone 14 right now, a British pilot codenamed “H” makes the comparison. Simon Wilsey, who is the commanding officer of 3 Regt AAC, said the exercise allowed the helicopter to take part in combat operations, whether simulated, for the first time. According to Wilsey, his subordinates at 3 Regt AAC have been working hard to learn about the new technology in the helicopter and how best to use it. Wilsey says the helicopter provides new opportunities for joint working between naval, ground, and air teams of the British Army.

Photo credit: Wikimedia

Pit stop training

In addition to the military, technical teams performed ground maintenance on the helicopters. The Ministry of Defense says they are trained in rapid refueling and ammunition operations – sort of like the pit lane mechanics during a Formula 1 race.

The quick work of ground teams becomes increasingly crucial during combat operations. As reported a few days ago, the Chinese ground crews operating the fifth-generation H-20 fighter jet have been conducting fully analogous ground tests for rapid arming of the aircraft, as well as refueling while the engine is running. At the time, Chinese experts shared that “one minute faster” means an increase in combat capability in front of the enemy.

British chopper pilot “H,” says that seemingly only in appearance, the AH-64E is no different from its predecessors. According to him, it is the best attack helicopter in the world, and its avionics, along with the latest sensors, guarantee improved helicopter performance capabilities, “better flight characteristics, communications, and weapons.”


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