Bulgarian parliament decided to supply weapons to Ukraine

SOFIA ($1=2.01 Bulgarian Levs) — Bulgaria will supply weapons to Ukraine. This is what the Bulgarian Parliament decided today, November 3rd, after voting to submit a proposal for a decision to the Parliament. Thus, seven months after the start of the war, Bulgaria will supply weapons and spare parts to Ukraine.

Iraq received Bulgarian T-72 tanks with 125mm cannon and BMP-1 IFVs
Photo credit: MoD Iraq

There is still no clarity on what exactly the Bulgarian government will deliver to Kyiv as military aid. The Bulgarian army as a whole is armed mainly with weapons of Soviet design.

Experts suggest that the S-200 and S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems would be of greatest interest to Ukraine. It is clear that Ukraine primarily needs air defense systems to reflect the air attacks of the Russian armed forces. According to official statistics, Bulgaria has 10 air defense systems of each type.

Bulgaria had a hard time parting with its MiGs. The MiG-21 is our main air defense asset. The Bulgarian Air Force has a total of 11 MiG-29s. I.e. Bulgaria does not even have two full squadrons. Of course, Bulgaria has ordered eight F-16 Block 70/72 fighters, but it turns out that their delivery will be quite delayed.

Bulgarian MiG-29s would be a good option for the Ukrainian Air Force, but then Bulgaria would have to solve the problem of protecting its skies. Help from NATO member countries will most likely be received by Bulgaria, but from the latest statements of the official cabinet, it is clear that the government is looking for an option for hiring fighter jets from allies, possibly F-16s.

Bulgaria can supply Ukraine with some other weapons, the most important of which are those that are in huge quantities, i.e. artillery ammunition.

The Parliament approved a decision, with which the government is assigned within a month to present what military aid can be provided to Ukraine, as it is tailored to Bulgaria’s capabilities. The government will also have to support Ukraine’s claim against Russia for human rights violations.

Bulgaria has twice denied Ukraine the supply of weapons as military aid. The first time was again after a decision of the parliament, but the previous one. Then Bulgaria only agreed to repair damaged Ukrainian weaponry. The second time was more recent – at the end of September, when at the request of the Ukrainian ambassador in Sofia, the government refused.


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