UK: Russia isn’t hiding, Asia: crossing the red line will launch Kinzhal

PANAGYURISHTE ($1=1.97 Bulgarian Levs) — Russia is no longer hiding and is showing readiness. It also openly shows that Moscow is ready at any crossing of the red line for a full-scale war. Similar conclusions are drawn from the photos published today by the Ministry of Defense of Great Britain.

UK: Russia isn't hiding, Asia: crossing the red line will launch Kinzhal
Photo credit: UK MoD

Using its official Twitter account, Britain’s Ministry of Defense published intelligence. They show that the Russian Aerospace Forces have parked two MiG-31 supersonic interceptor aircraft in Belarus. I.e. Russia is already openly displaying military equipment close to the European border.

And if in the past the parking of the MiG-31 in Belarus did not attract attention, now the situation is much more worrying. The British military says that the photos show a large canister stored nearby within a protective earth berm. Great Britain claims that these are containers transporting the AS-24 KILLJOY air-launched ballistic missile better known by its Russian name Kinzhal. The Kh-47M2 Kinzhal is a nuclear-capable hypersonic aero-ballistic air-to-surface missile.

MiG-31 armed with Kinzhal

This configuration [MiG-31 together with Kinzhal] can be perceived as the most dangerous air arsenal of the Russian Federation. From this location, the air-ballistic missile can hit any airport in Europe, as well as the Ramstein base in Germany. Russia is not only not hiding but is trying to make the West notice this.

MiG-31K with installed Kinzhal hypersonic missile lands in Kaliningrad
Photo credit: Wikipedia recalls that similar actions were repeatedly used by Moscow. Since the start of the war, MiG-31s ​​armed with Kh-47M2 Kinzhals have been openly spotted flying over Ukrainian cities during the day several times. The last time this happened over Minsk was in mid-October when as many as six MiG-31s ​​armed with this very ballistic missile were demonstratively left to be spotted and examined.

Russia realizes that Western satellites will very well inspect such actions, and this is clearly Moscow’s goal. Sending a warning is the most commonly interpreted meaning of such Russian actions.

Why is this deployment so important?

From the beginning of the war until now, this configuration [Mig-31 + ballistic missile] has never left Russian territory. Realistically, Russia can inflict serious damage against European targets even if it launches the missile from the MiG-31 while it is in the airspace of the Russian Federation.

MiG-31K with installed Kinzhal hypersonic missile lands in Kaliningrad
Photo credit: South Front

The deployment of MiG-31s ​​to Belarus is intended to send a message more against Britain than against Europe. From Belarus, this ballistic missile will reach the UK. This is exactly what the Ministry of Defense of Great Britain hinted at in one of their tweets. “It [Russia] probably carried out the deployment mainly to send messages to the West…”

The Red line

Russia likely believes that the attack on Russian ships just days ago was carried out by British drones. Apparently, Moscow cannot survive this. The rain of missiles that Russia rained down on Ukraine in mid-to-late October is a response to just that. The first missile attack was a response to the bombing of the Crimean bridge, and the second missile attack on October 30 was a response to British drones that hit Russian ships, EurAsia Times claims.

The question is how long the inaction of the west on direct involvement in the war in Ukraine will last. Because Moscow may be aiming for exactly that – if it continues to bomb energy and infrastructure sites in Ukraine, it means that Ukraine’s economy may collapse. Even with help from the west, it will be almost impossible to avoid defeat.

Kerch bridge is on fire, there are damages - Russia may lose Crimea
Photo credit: Twitter

Well then, will the west and Ukraine’s allies cross Moscow’s red line? Will the Allied Powers participate in the war? This is precisely the message of Russia by sending the MiG-31 with the Kh-47M2 Kinzhal air-ballistic missile close to the European border.

EurAsiaTimes writes that Russia will most likely use these missiles in the event of crossing the red line. They are obviously important for Moscow. In this scenario, Russia is supposed to launch the missiles at decision-making centers, military bases, airports, and critical rail and road air points along Ukraine’s border with Poland and Romania.


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