New PLA’s bomber-UAV has 31 sq ft and 5 m3 of space for bombs

BEIJING ($1=7.24 Chinese Yuans) — TB0D Scorpion D, China’s newest cargo drone has made its first flight. This happened a few days ago, on October 25, several Asian publications write. The field was conducted from a test site in the southwest of Sichuan Province.

New PLA's UAV has 31 sq ft and five cubic meters of space for bombs
Photo credit: TechEBlog

Over 10 meters long and over three meters tall, the TB0D Scorpion D is the world’s first with four engines. This cargo drone can carry a payload of 1.5 tons, with a takeoff weight of over 4 tons. In addition to the four engines, the TB0D Scorpion D has additional power generators, making it powerful and safe when carrying payloads.

Although the prototype that made its full flight was developed as a variant for civil aviation, experts from Asia believe that this drone will find a useful military application. The drone has a large payload range that allows it to carry weapons and military equipment. Over 1.5 tons is the payload it can carry. The cargo area is an impressive 31 square feet and five cubic meters in size.

In the future, this drone can become a bomber drone, according to Chinese analysts, if the structure and spatial distribution are slightly changed. This means bombs totaling more than 1.5 tons.

The drone can fly for 35 hours in the air at a distance of 6,000 kilometers. The TB0D Scorpion D is developed based on the TB-001 which is a military drone. The TB-001 has already been involved in some contested areas as an element of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army’s air capability.

New PLA's bomber-UAV has 31 sq ft and 5 m3 of space for bombs
Photo credit: Eurasia Times

The border conflicts in which Beijing is already increasingly involved, such as the South China Sea and India, will most likely force the PLA to field the TB0D Scorpion D sooner. The new drone will expand the PLA’s ability to deliver a range of such supplies in remote places.

The TB0D Scorpion D is developed and manufactured by the Chinese company Tengden Technology. Interesting fact: the company showed a mock-up design of an eight-motor drone.


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