History-maker: Shahed-136 hit the MiG-29 and became a legend

KYIV ($1=36.94 Ukrainian Hrivnias) — We are witnessing the making of history. Nearly two years ago, a Turkish drone attacked a soldier without command from the operator. Nearly a week ago, a Ukrainian MiG-29 was shot down by an Iranian Shahed-136 drone. Both incidents were the result of consequences, not of the proven combat capability of the weapons.

History-maker: Shahed-136 hit the MiG-29 and became a legend
Photo credit: dbr.gov.ua

Recently, the Iranian drone Shahed-136, which belongs to the loitering ammunition category, has been flying in the Ukrainian sky. Russia continues to deny using Iranian drones, but with each passing week, evidence emerges that this is not the case.

On October 12, a MiG-29 of the Ukrainian Air Force crashed after being hit “with or by” the Iranian drone. This happens around 21:00 when the pilot and his entrusted combat machine are on a mission to destroy a flock of Iranian Shahed-136 drones.

Ukraine’s State Bureau of Investigation [SBI] says the pilot and his MiG-29 shot down five kamikaze drones. This happened near the village of Turbov. The SBI has provided a version [still under investigation] of what happened, alleging that debris from one or more drones fell into the cockpit. I.e. not a direct collision with the drone was the reason, according to the SBI, for the downed fighter.

If the version is confirmed, it is a consequence of the actions of the weapons in the air. A consequence was also the attack of a Turkish drone Kargu 2 in Libya, which, due to an error in the recognition system, attacked a soldier by mistake.

Russia put a GLONASS navigation module in Iranian Shahed-129
Photo credit: Twitter

The Shahed-136 does not have weapons such as air-to-air or air-to-ground missiles. Neither with bombs, be it dumb or with any kind of targeting system. The Iranian drone is actually a flying kamikaze with explosives on board. I.e. Shahed-136 can shoot down another airborne body in the air in two ways: mission performance [directly hitting the target and activating the explosion], or like SBI – through dozens of debris, as a result of destruction.

But Stached is a kamikaze drone. Its primary purpose is to destroy an enemy target. In both cases, the goal was achieved. In this particular case, too.

The pilot of the Ukrainian fighter jet is fine, managed to eject, and is in the hospital recovering, SBI says. The Bureau confirms that investigations are underway to establish the exact cause of the downing of the fighter.


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