Ukraine to get art-of-state AESA radars with digitally shaped beams

BERLIN ($1=1.01 Euros) — Ukraine will receive one of the most modern radar systems of German production. In fact, the first radar system has already been delivered and the next three will be sent very soon. This was announced by the German manufacturer in this field and one of the world’s most proven technological giants Hensoldt.

Ukraine receives German AESA radars with digitally shaped beams
Photyo credit: Helsoldt

It is a radar system that is compatible with and is used by the German Air Defense Systems IRIS-T SLM. This is the TRML-4D radar station. The TRML-4D will be a great fit for Ukraine’s air defenses, especially after recent missile strikes and drone attacks by the Russian armed forces.

This radar detects, tracks, and classifies various types of air targets, with special attention to cruise missiles and small, fast, low-flying, and highly maneuverable aircraft, as well as helicopters. This is achieved by using the latest AESA technology which uses multiple digitally shaped beams.

Delivery in short terms

In contrast to the German government’s previous “guessing” what exactly and how many weapon systems to send to Ukraine, Hensoldt guarantees delivery in a short period.

Ukraine gets German 127mm 994 m/s SAM for fast-moving targets IRIS-T SLM

The company states that they have built a special serial production line to engage the company’s employees to work quickly and accurately. This clarification was provided by the company’s CEO Thomas Muller, who emphasized that he understands the need for “quick action.”

Ukraine received the German IRIS-T SLM systems, which were earlier promised by Chancellor Olaf Scholz. recalls that the IRIS-T SLM intercepts air threats at a distance of up to 40 km and at an altitude of up to 20 km.

Pure German quality

The planned rapid delivery of the TRML-4D radar stations to Ukraine leads us to the following conclusion: no foreign components are used in the structure of the radar, except German. This means pure German-proven quality.

This conclusion is confirmed by a published restatement from Hensoldt. “TRML-4D does not depend on foreign technology and therefore offers the highest degree of approval and certification possibility for its operation in Germany, as well as the greatest possible security of supply.” The company also recalls that Ukraine will receive a radar station that is fully compatible with NATO weapons technology.


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