Belarus showed an upgraded T-72BM2 tank with grills and Relikt ERA

MINSK ($1=2.51 Belarusian Rubles) — Belarus showed the first modernized T-72B tanks to the T-72BM2 level. At a ceremony, the 140th Repair Plant of the Republic of Belarus “parked” a tank to be inspected by the local commander-in-chief. recalls that the modernization was announced in July this year.

Belarus showed an upgraded T-72BM2 tank with grills and Relikt ERA
Photo credit: Telegram

The T-72BM2 received the Sosna-U Fire Control System [FCS], which has a thermal optical sight. This is Soviet/Russian FCS. Sosna-U also provides information to the tank commander on wind speed and direction, air temperature, atmospheric pressure, and side slope. The wind sensor is integrated into the outside of the armored fighting vehicle.

The Belarusian upgraded tank also gets another type of explosive reactive armor [ERA]. The previous Kontakt-4 [also a Soviet design] has been removed and replaced by the Relikt. It is the most advanced Russian ERA, with Russian experts claiming that it is at least twice as effective as Kontakt-5. Relikt consists of two armor plates whose detonation is opposite to each other. The system is activated at the moment before the penetrator hits the tank, and the activation is carried out on a radar command. The common detonation of the two plates aims to reduce the kinetic energy of the penetrator as a result of the explosion.

A new engine is also part of the upgraded tank of the Belarusian army. This is the V-84M, which will give a maximum output of 840 horsepower. The T-72BM2 also gets an auxiliary power plant for its power. From the published photo, it can be seen that the so-called “kinetic grills” are also welded to the tank’s dome. This is not a Belarusian innovation, but a Russian one, as it was first spotted on a Russian T-80 tank in 2021.

Belarusian T-72s

Belarus has about 1,300 T-72 tanks. Years ago, Minsk wanted to upgrade all its tanks to the T-80BVM standard, but economic sanctions imposed by Western countries prevented them. The new upgraded tank to the level of T-72BM2 comes closer to the wish of the Belarusian President Mr. Alexander Lukashenko, but according to information from, only a small number of tanks have received such modernization.


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