‘Our air defense is literally a man with a Stinger’ – Ukraine

KYIV ($1=37.06 Ukrianian Hryvnias) — The Ukrainian military and politicians have said that there is a shortage of air defense systems in the country. The Washington Post [WP] writes about it.

US Stinger air defense system 'sting' more seriously than the Russian 'needle'
Photo credit: Wikimag

WP claims that Ukraine does not have air defenses to cover every part of the country. The captain of the Armed Forces of Ukraine [AFU] Volodymyr Klymin noted that bypassing the country’s air defenses is possible thanks to intelligence and information about the landscape. According to the newspaper, most of the air defense systems were manufactured back in the USSR, so they are more than 30 years old.

“Now our air defense is literally a man with a Stinger,” said Daria Kaleniuk, executive director of Ukraine’s Anti-Corruption Center.

In turn, Denis Smazny, the head of training for the anti-aircraft missile forces of Ukraine, who is abroad and learning to operate NASAMS, said that Ukraine’s air defenses are outdated.

“We need to replace our old systems because very soon they will no longer meet the targets.” We are also running out of missiles,” he urged.

US promises to supply air defense

As we reported on October 11 the US is committed to supplying Ukraine with more advanced anti-aircraft missile systems. This became clear after a telephone conversation between US President Joe Biden and his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky. Russian missile attacks on Monday, October 10th over several Ukrainian cities prompted the White House’s new commitment.

However, at this time it is not known if specific air defense delivery systems have been discussed. There is no information and how soon they will be delivered to Ukraine. CNN recalled that the US already has a commitment to supply National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile Systems or NASAMS.

Spain has deployed the short- to medium-range NASAMS in Latvia
Photo credit: Kongsberg

BulgarianMilitary.com recalls that the first NASAMS is already in Ukraine and is located around Kyiv. This happened almost three months after the US made a commitment to deliver this air defense system. More US-Norwegian NASAMS air defense systems may be deployed in Ukraine, but it is also quite possible that another type and model of air defense systems will be delivered.

France will also supply air defense

France plans to provide Ukraine with additional military aid, in particular the CROTALE air defense system. French Defense Minister Sebastien Lecorneau said that Ukraine will receive these anti-aircraft missile systems to defeat UAVs.

Lecornu noted that these air defense systems will prove particularly useful in the fight against drones and aerial bombardment. According to the minister, France has 12 such batteries. He did not specify how many of them will go to Ukraine.

The minister hopes that Ukraine will be able to deploy them within two months, including the time to train the Ukrainian army to use them. Sebastien Lecorneu also informed that France has created a fund for 100 million euros, which the Ukrainians will be able to use to purchase the necessary equipment, provided that its supplier is France.

France sends Ukraine made for South Africa SAMs designed in the 70s - crotale air defense
Photo credit: Daguet


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