Iranians in Crimea, helping Russians how to use Iranian UAVs

WASHINGTON — Iranian military personnel in Crimea, White House says. White House NSC coordinator John Kirby said in a statement that they were assisting Russian military pilots in using Iranian drones. Kirby emphasized that in this way Iran is directly involved on the ground.

Ukraine has received fighter jets, US doesn't disclose their origin
Photo credit: ABC News

Kirby said intelligence indicated a small number of Iranian military personnel were in Crimea. Their main purpose is to assist in the use of loitering munitions with high lethality. Kirby expressed concern about claims that Russia is preparing to arm itself with Iranian advanced missiles. According to him, “it is almost certain”.

Despite the presence of Iranian drones in Ukraine and their use by the Russian armed forces, the White House NSC Coordinator does not believe that this will change the course of the war.

Iranian drones are clearly being taken as a serious threat after Kirby announced that the US is looking at various options for supplying additional air defense systems to deal with them. recalls that recent attacks on civilian and infrastructure objects, including energy buildings, in recent days were carried out precisely with Iranian drones. However, Russia has tried to deny the use of “Iranian kamikazes”, evidence of which multimedia materials are constantly flooding the web.

Confirmed: Russia uses Iranian Shahed-136 loitering munition
Photo credit: Twitter reported back in September that there was evidence of Iranian drones in Ukraine, publishing a photo of a crashed Shahed-136 kamikaze drone. On September 22 Russian armed forces launched an attack against Ukrainian positions in Nikopol, Dnipropetrovsk Oblast. Field sources were able to capture the remnants of the spent ammunition after the attack. The photo we shared clearly shows the warhead of the Iranian Shahed-136 loitering munition.

The Iranian loitering munition did not explode. At least in the one pictured, though, Ukrainian forces claim the attack was carried out primarily with this type of munition. Some sources claim that these munitions are successful, others that they fail. Interestingly, some Ukrainian sources mention them as successful, while the Russian armed forces do not mention them as such at all.

At the moment, however, there is no concrete and clear information about the presentation of Iranian ammunition of this type on the front. Their combat effectiveness during an attack is unknown., citing intelligence, reported back in July that Russia was preparing to purchase Iranian drones. According to Washington, then Iranian drones enter service with the Russian armed forces. It is a question of buying and selling between Moscow and Tehran.

Iran claims to have deactivated US Navy air defense systems in the Persian Gulf
Photo credit: Wikipedia

“The Iranian government is preparing to deliver to Russia several hundred UAVs, including unmanned aerial vehicles capable of carrying weapons, on an accelerated schedule,” said then Jake Sullivan, US national security adviser. According to US intelligence, a plan has been drawn up between Russia and Iran to implement accelerated deliveries, whereby the new Iranian drones will temporarily strengthen Russian capabilities in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles.

The purchase of Iranian drones means that the Russian Federation is experiencing difficulties in the pace of its own production. It is a fact that the Ukrainian armed forces have had success against Russian drones, but economic sanctions and lack of materials and components are the main reason for the Russian shortage.


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