Russian Su-27 has fired a missile in the vicinity of UK spy aircraft

LONDON ($1=0.89 GBP) — The Russian missile was launched in the vicinity of British spy aircraft, announced Ben Wallace, UK Secretary of State for Defence. The incident took place over the Black Sea on September 29 of this year. According to Wallace, the missile was fired by Russian Su-27 fighter jets.

The Su-27 Fighter Jet Belonging to the Ethiopian Air Force Crashed
Photo credit: Wikipedia

After the incident, Ben Wallace spoke to Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and expressed concern about the “potentially dangerous” actions of the Russian pilots. Great Britain, however, does not consider what happened to be a provocation on the United Kingdom-Russia axis but dismisses it as a malfunction.

Here’s what Ben Wallace said about the incident: “We do not consider this a deliberate escalation by the Russians. Our analysts would concur it was a malfunction. However, it’s a reminder of quite how dangerous things can be when you choose to use your fighters in the manner that the Russians have done over many periods. We are incredibly lucky that it did not become worse. I am not trying to trivialize it at all but we do not consider it a deliberate escalation.” recalls that it is not the first time that Russian fighter jets fly in dangerous proximity to the UK, US, and NATO aircraft. “It’s a reckless act, and it puts a lot of people’s lives at risk,” Ben Wallace commented recently when a Russian fighter jet flew within 15 feet of a NATO plane.

The incident in May

Chinese J-16 approaches an Australian P-8A and starts firing
Photo credit: Australian MoD

In May, we witnessed similar provocative tactics from another country – China. On May 26, a Chinese J-16 fighter was leveled parallel to and at an altitude to the left of the Australian P-8A Poseidon patrolling. The Chinese J-16 fighter is on a training flight in which it has to remove a fired air lure. At this point, when both aircraft are close to each other, the Chinese fighter starts firing missiles in the direction of the bait [forward], then takes an even more dangerous maneuver – the fighter accelerates and crosses just below the nose trajectory of the Australian P-8A Poseidon.

However, the incident did not end with a traversed trajectory. Remains of Chinese lures were caught by the engine of the Australian P-8A Poseidon. They [the lures] fail to damage the engine, which is good for the pilots of the Australian plane to take it back to Australia and land successfully at the military base.


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