800 Soviet T-62 tanks from the 60s enter UralVagonZavod for repair

MOSCOW ($1=64.02 Russian Rubles) — Russia intends to restore and repair old Soviet T-62 tanks. This is what Tpyxa.net claims, also saying that the main battle tank repair quantity is 800 units. Tpyxa.net says that these tanks will be supplied to the Russian armed forces in Ukraine.

Watch: Russia uses reserves and sends Soviet T-62 tanks to Ukraine
Photo: Twitter

The news should not be surprising. In September, we reported that Russia is already sending obsolete T-62s from the “Syrian front” to Ukraine. T-62 tanks from Tajikistan and Libya were also sent to Ukraine. Just a few days ago we reported that Indian T-90 Bhishma tanks sent for refurbishment were not returned to India but also sent to Ukraine.

The overhaul of the T-62, the main battle tank that entered service in 1961, meant that Moscow lost significant numbers of tanks to the war. Most likely, a significant part of the mobilized tank reservists will operate precisely on the T-62. This is a sign that Russia is mobilizing, even though it does not have the necessary weapons to give the new military recruits.

Repair plants

It may turn out that one of the reasons Moscow hastily set up two tank repair plants is precisely the T-62. These two plants have already been built on the outskirts of Moscow and Rostov. Initially, Moscow planned for these factories to take over the repair of the armored fighting vehicles destroyed in Ukraine.

T-62 in these two repair plants means two things: either the equipment returned from the war in Ukraine is too bad to be repaired, or the amount of T-62 tanks for repair is really close to 800 – 1,000 units. BulgarianMilitary.com recalls that the two new repair plants are under the management of UralVagonZavod.

About T-62 tank

The T-62 is a Soviet main battle tank [MBT] designed and introduced in the early 1960s. It first entered service with the Russian ground forces in the same year and was produced until 1975. According to available information, nearly 22,700 units have been produced by this model tank.

T-62 has dozens of modifications, including the American version. In the American version, the T-62 received a Caterpillar diesel engine and fitting of US radios and antenna mounts. The tank is used by the US Army for training.

Watch: Russia uses reserves and sends Soviet T-62 tanks to Ukraine
Photo: Twitter

The T-62 is still in service in dozens of countries, and at least as many are former tank operators. He has been involved in all known military conflicts from the 1960s to the present day. T-62 is designed by the OKB-520 design bureau and has been manufactured for many years by Uralvagonzavod.

The tank is operated by a four-member crew and weighs nearly 37 tons. The bumper of the T-62 is built as follows: 214 [242 after 1972] mm turret front, 153 mm turret sides, 97 mm turret rear and
40 mm turret roof. However, the body of the T-62 has a different sequential configuration of the bumper and it is as follows: 102 mm at 60° hull front, 79 mm hull upper sides, 15 mm hull lower sides, 46 mm at 0° hull rear, 20 mm hull bottom, 31 mm hull roof.


The T-61 is armed with a 115 mm U-5TS [2A20] smoothbore gun and a 7.62 mm PKT coaxial general-purpose machine gun. It was possible in the years of the last century to receive optional weapons such as a 12.7 mm DShK 1938/46 antiaircraft heavy machine gun.

The T-62 is powered by a single V-55 12-cylinder 4-stroke one-chamber 38.88-liter water-cooled diesel engine that delivers 581 horsepower. The suspension is a torsion bar type. The maximum speed that reaches the tank is up to 50 km / h and can cover the distance of 350 km with one full charge of the fuel tank.


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