Dual-M72 LAW-wielding drone was shown in the United States

WASHINGTON — In the US, a dual-LAW-wielding drone was shown at the AUSA 2022 Defense and Security Exhibition. It was developed by the American company Alare Technologies. This is not the first time Alare has shown a light anti-tank missile [LAW] mounted on a drone.

Dual-M72 LAW-wielding drone was shown in the United States
Photo credit: Twitter

A photo shows Alare’s product. A dual-LAW is seen mounted on a drone. The entire weapon configuration is called BLADE-55. The ammunition used is 66mm M72 LAW, produced by the subsidiary of the Norwegian NAMMO – the American NAMMO Defense. The fire control and flight control system [autopilot too] were developed by Alare Technologies as well. The company announced on its website that it has already received approval for airworthiness, safety, and live firing tests.

The BLADE-55 can carry 20 lbs of payload and can be used multiple times [by reloading the LAW]. The drone, together with the ammunition, can land and take off vertically, and at times the flight can engage two targets. The company says its product is budget-friendly, providing a low cost per shot.

The BLADE-55 also provides ISR and BDA, and has an integrated GPS that allows it to “fly blind.” The drone has mounted cameras and sensors, and its open architecture allows for easy upgrades or integration of new solutions.

Dual-M72 LAW-wielding drone was shown in the United States
Photo credit: Alare Technologies

Alare Technologies produces two other interesting products. The drone is designed to carry out autonomous military operations in enemy skies. This product is also inexpensive, the company says.

The other drone, Ronin, is designed not only to carry payloads but also to carry out deep reconnaissance, and information gathering, including data transmission.


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