‘Key node’: next-gen AbramsX MBT is here – have a look at it

WASHINGTON — The long-awaited moment for the presentation of the latest tank of the next generation AbramsX has arrived. A video shared on Twitter reveals the design and some of its specifications.

'Key node': next-gen AbramsX MBT is here - have a look at it
Video Screenshot

“New Next Generation Main Battle Tank ‘AbramsX’. With a reduced crew size and AI-enabled lethality, survivability, mobility, manned/unmanned teaming [MUM-T] & autonomous capabilities, AbramsX can be a key node in lethal battlefield networks,” Felix Woessner – arms and weapon system analyst shares this in his profile.

The “transformative technology” AbramsX is presented in a short presentation video by General Dynamics. In the video, the company reveals a small part of the tank’s potential. I.e. AI-enabled catalyst NGEA, uncrewed turret for decisive lethality, improved mobility with reduced weight and crew, 50% less fuel consumption, enhanced silent watch, etc.

The gun of the AbramsX tank is 120mm. BulgarianMilitary.com suggests that the optical sights in the command and control center of the tank will be a completely new generation PASEO. PASEO is manufactured by the French company Safran Group and is a latest-generation very-long-range observation and attack sight. This optical system has a 360-degree panoramic view, cooled thermal imager [3-5 µm], integrated laser rangefinder with a range of just over 7 kilometers, biaxial stabilization for greater performance and durability in extreme off-road terrain, and built-in add-on armor [AOA].

Video Screenshot

BulgarianMilitary.com suggests that the weapon system is the Norwegian remotely controlled 30x113mm RS6 RWS. At the moment, BulgarianMilitary.com does not have exact information about the configuration of the weapon system, but we assume that one of the two options will be chosen. They are: XM914 [30 x 113 mm] with M240 [7.62] coax and one Javelin missile coaxially. According to customer requirements, this configuration can be with two Javelin missiles coaxially. The machine gun can also be replaced: from XM914 to Dual 40/50 using 40 mm AGL and Browning M2 [12.7 mm], which also allows for missiles coaxially.

Most likely, the AbramsX has an integrated Trophy military active protection system [APS]. Trophy APS is the latest generation of protection that the Israelis have successfully implemented in dozens of models of different functional armored vehicles and provides proven and guaranteed protection from existing ATGMs, RPGs, anti-tank rockets, and tank HEAT rounds.

We expect to find out more details about AbramsX at AUSA2022.


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