Italy sold over 700 M-113 APCs for scrap and took $3 million

ROME ($1=1.03 Euros) — 722 M-113 armored personnel carriers from the inventory of the Italian army were demilitarized under the D3 project. The combat vehicles have already been decommissioned by the Italian army following a process of demilitarisation, dismantling, and disposal [D3]. The process was led by NSPA – Nato Support and Procurement Agency.

Italy sold over 700 M-113 APCs for scrap and took $3 million
Photo credit: NATO

Italy has earned 3 million euros [$2.9 million] after selling eight million kilograms of recovered scrap. The deals were done on the international metal markets. Calculations show that the 722 APCs de-metalled resulted in the saving of 41,000 tonnes of CO₂. Non-ferrous and ferrous metals were also recycled, which helped the circular economy.

The process of demetallization of Italian obsolete APCs started nearly two years ago. Then, according to the project, 500 M-113s from the Italian company Montalbetti were to be demetallized. Supervision was also carried out by the procuring entity – NSPA.

The entire process is complex and involves precise actions during its execution. Including cutting many critical components that must “castrate” war machines from being reused. M-113 is made not only of metal but also of dangerous materials. Their elimination had to be done after their identification and processing.

Media in Italy say that all of this as a process has been completed in compliance with applicable rules and regulations related to environmental protection and health and safety standards.

Such contracts awarded by NSPA are not unusual. The agency’s main goal is to help countries reduce the carbon footprint of the combat vehicles in each military’s inventory.

About M-113

The M113 is a fully tracked armored personnel carrier [APC] designed in the 1960s. Despite its outdated design, this infantry vehicle has serious combat experience and is popular among dozens of countries around the world that have adopted it. It is a long service and the outdated, already non-functional design for the new conditions on the battlefields is the reason why several countries are taking action on their retirement.

Spain repairs transmission of its 6-cylinder diesel M113 APC
Photo credit: Flicr

The M113 has a crew of two soldiers and can carry between 12 and 15 additional soldiers. It has an integrated bumper type 5083 Aluminum Alloy 28–44 millimeters [1.1–1.7 in]. It is powered by a Detroit Diesel 6V53T, a 6-cylinder diesel engine that provides 275 hp [205 kW]. The maximum speed it develops is 67 km, with one tank it can reach a range of 480 km, and the main armament consists of an M2 Browning machine gun.


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