Why did Putin launch a train of the 12th General Directorate?

PANAGYURISHTE ($1=1.98 Bulgarian Levs) — Yesterday, October 3, two events focused our attention on what is happening in Russia. First, as we reported, the nuclear submarine K-329 Belgorod left its location. This event is significant because this nuclear submarine is the carrier of six Poseidon nuclear torpedoes. These torpedoes have been qualified in recent years as the “weapon of the apocalypse”.

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Second, also yesterday, a train operated by a nuclear department associated with the 12th Main Directorate of the Russian Ministry of Defense left its location. Russia’s 12th Main Directorate is associated with the maintenance, storage, and transportation of Russia’s nuclear weapons. This is what Polish analyst Konrad Muzyka claims.

The British publication The Times says that NATO has already officially informed its members and allies that Putin is ready to test nuclear weapons on the border with Ukraine. At the same time, a senior NATO officer and leader says Putin may test nuclear weapons in the Black Sea, without specifying where he thinks those tests could take place.

Why did Putin launch a train of the 12th General Directorate?
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Where exactly the final destinations of the train of the 12th Main Directorate and submarine K-329 Belgorod will be are not known and are subject to conjecture. NATO believes the train is headed for the Western Military District – the border with Ukraine or for Russian Black Sea ports. It is for this reason that it is assumed that “what carries the train” can be tested in the international waters of the Black Sea.

As for the submarine, experts believe it is headed for the Arctic. Italian journalists suggest that the Poseidon nuclear torpedo will be tested in the Kara Sea.

Andrew Futter, a nuclear weapons expert and academic at the University of Leicester, says the K-329 Belgorod is only a carrier of Poseidon torpedoes. But according to him, it can perform various tactical maneuvers in the Kara Sea region. Futter argued that the train and the submarine were a clear warning from Moscow to the West to end arms supplies to Ukraine.

Is a nuclear strike against Ukrainian troops possible? Although the probability is small, such a possibility should not be ruled out. The reason – is the quality of decisions made and the principle of decision-making in the Kremlin, says James Rogers, director of research at the Geostrategy Council. If it comes to such a scenario, Rogers suggests that the West will respond, not reciprocally, but with the imposition of new economic sanctions.

Russia acquired Belgorod sub: it carries six Poseidon nukes
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Opinions are increasingly gaining ground that the “nuclear card” may turn out to be Putin’s bluff as well as reality. The threat of nuclear escalation should not be ignored, says Gen. Kenneth McKenzie Jr., former commander of US Central Command. “We’re doing ourselves no favors if we ignore this,” he concludes.


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