Newly produced Russian Vistrel-M MRAPs with RCWS 30mm gun join war

MOSCOW ($1=58.03 Russian Rubles) — An interesting photo was taken by a Russian user on the Telegram social channel. The photo captured a railroad train set with new armored and transport equipment. However, a closer look shows that Moscow is sending to the front equipment that can be said to have just been manufactured.

Newly produced Russian Vistrel-M MRAPs with RCWS 30mm gun join war
Photo credit: Telegram

It is a KAMAZ BPM-97 4×4 wheeled mine-resistant, ambush-protected [MRAP] vehicle. But not the outdated MRAP version of the 1990s, but the KAMAZ-43269 Vystrel-M. The most curious is the fact that serial production of Vystrel-M began only in May of this year. I.e. after already five months, the first units were loaded on a train somewhere in central Russia and left for the front in Ukraine.


The Vystrel-M is equipped with a 30mm model 2А42 gun, which is the main one. There is also secondary armament, and this is a PKT machine gun, as well as an AG-30 automatic grenade launcher. Vystrel-M is the last known modification of KAMAZ BPM-97. At first glance, they may not have a significant difference, but actually, the Vystrel-M has an armored windshield, an advanced air purification system inside the body, as well as a new fire control system.

The deployment to Ukraine and participation in the composition of the Russian armed forces will be the combat debut of Vystrel-M. A Twitter account claims that at least one such vehicle has already been spotted on the streets of Kherson. The more sophisticated version KAMAZ BPM-97, in addition to Russia, is in service in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and Syria.

Newly produced Russian Vistrel-M MRAPs with RCWS 30mm gun join war
Photo credit: VK

In the last 48 hours, informed about serious transportation of weapons equipment from Russia to Ukraine. 17 Iskander-M quasi-ballistic missiles departed for the war in Ukraine. A few days ago, refurbished T-80 BVM main battle tanks left Russia, and today we reported that a train with a 152mm Giatsint-S self-propelled artillery gun is also leaving Russia.

Earlier in the day, we reported that a Russian nuclear submarine, most likely the Belgorod, had left its location and disappeared from radar. This was reported by the Italian publication La Repubblica, citing information from a NATO official. Belgorod is the carrier of six Poseidon nuclear torpedoes.


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