Democracy in Russian – an opinion survey with a gun to the head

PANAGYURISHTE ($1=2.03 Bulgarian Levs) — In the Ukrainian territories occupied by Russia, a Russian referendum is being held – a democratic form of polling the public with a gun to the head.

Russia unofficially crowns a tsar – but can oil overthrow him?
Photo credit: Jon Berkeley / PA

Russian democracy would sound comical if it were not hypocritically tragic at the moment. Under the “muzzle of Russian democracy,” the territories of Crimea already rose in 2014. Today, a referendum is being held where Russia is killing.

Ban on leaving territories occupied by Russia while “the referendum is being held”. Soldiers knock from door to door “to put democracy” into action. Russian FSB agents dressed in black [just like the SS of the Nazis] go from house to house extolling the right to choose – the only possible choice. Right?

At the same time, “Russian democracy is blooming” in Moscow and other city squares. Russians express their dissatisfaction with the war and Putin’s rule. “Russian democracy” does not allow such Western behavior. “How can anyone have a different opinion than Stalin… oops, Putin?”.

You are either with Putin or you are against him. That’s why “Russian democracy” beats, imprisons, poisons an oppositionist on a plane, and kills Russian citizens in Europe. “Russian democracy” is a phenomenon – it makes senior executives, managers, military, and oligarchs throw themselves from the 5th floor “on their Russian citizenship”.

Putin’s tragicomic referendum has only one goal – to make his imperialist desire for a full-scale military conflict a reality. The State Duma of the Russian Federation will ratify the referendum and thus the occupied territories will become part of Russia. Putin doesn’t care about international law. He wants blood, some Russian, some Ukrainian, some American, some European.

Today’s “Russian democracy” is tomorrow’s third world war. Democracy requires sacrifice. Thousands of victims, according to the sick consciousness of the honorary resident of the Kremlin.


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