US converted a munition that can split any Chinese ship in two

WASHINGTON — The GBU-31 munition can now split any Chinese ship in two. This is thanks to the Quicksink kit that gives the new weapon its name. The Quicksink can be integrated into any unguided bomb turning it into a guided munition. This could prove to be the US’s search for a solution to dealing with the Chinese navy.

US converted a munition that can split any Chinese ship in two
Photo credit: The Watch Magazine

How does Quicksink work?

The principle of operation is as follows: a Quicksink radar seeker is integrated into the nose of the bomb. It interacts with the GPS navigation system integrated into the tail of the Joint Direct Attack Munition [JDAM] of the Mk84 bomb. A JDAM is also a type of unguided bomb equipment kit. On the side of the whole configuration, thanks to a tensioner is an integrated camera. The interaction between all the systems of the two sets combined with the powerful charge of the bomb results in literally splitting a large battleship in two.

A video shared by the Air Force Research Laboratory [AFRL] on September 19 shows just that.

American experts claim that Quicksink allows the use of ammunition in all weather conditions. The new solution of the Navy’s fleet is explained as a torpedo that hits any ship, but from the air, not underwater.

Once the munition is fired, the Quicksink systems are engaged, immediately intercepting the target. The radar seeker does not miss the target even if it is moving. A hit follows. Experts say that even if it misses a direct hit on the target, the munition can cause damage to the ship, rendering it ineffective in combat.


However, the Quicksink can turn out to be not only a highly capable weapon but also a budget solution. The kit is not expensive and only costs $50,000 if the US buys 1,000 units of it. FYI: The Mk48 torpedo costs $3.8 million and can’t quite achieve the destructive capability that causes Quicksink. Sources say the kit’s unit price is in the $200,000 range.

US converted a munition that can split any Chinese ship in two
Video Screenshot

Why is Quicksink important?

In recent years, especially in recent months and the war in Ukraine, there has been increasing speculation that China will attack Taiwan. The US would thus be embroiled in a war with China and the Indo-China Sea after confirming it would defend the tiny island from Chinese attacks.

This means that at some point US ships will face off against those of China. It’s no secret that China’s navy already outnumbers that of the US. But in recent years, China has invested heavily in integrating modern weapons and technology. It is said to be more technologically advanced than the US. Therefore, such a solution as Quicksink can not only give an advantage to the Americans but it can also be achieved relatively quickly, at the expense of the time needed to technologically renew a large part of the US fleet.


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