US brought Germany back to reality by banning the sale of Arrow 3

WASHINGTON — Most likely, Germany will not acquire Israel’s Strela 3 anti-ballistic missile [ABM] system. Not today, and at least not at this stage. According to the Israeli publication Israel Today, the White House has blocked the sale to Germany.

US brought Germany back to reality by banning the sale of Arrow 3
Photo credit: Aviacionline recalls that the anti-missile defense system was developed in Israel, but about 80% of the system’s funding was paid by US taxpayers. The Arrow 3 ABM is actually an Israeli-American development between Israel Aerospace Industries and Boeing.

In recent months, Berlin has repeatedly shown that it wants to acquire this very system. Israel was also willing to go through with the deal and made repeated attempts to convince the Americans. However, both countries [Germany and Israel] were refused. Israel Today claims that the US has repeatedly rejected several Israeli requests to sell the ABM system to Germany.

There may be several reasons for the refusal. One of the most likely and possible is Germany’s refusal to choose the US-manufactured Terminal High Altitude Area Defense [THAAD] by Lockheed Martin Corp over its Israeli competitor. recalls that in recent weeks, statements by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz indicate that Berlin seeks to integrate Strela 3 into the German anti-aircraft defense system. This has also somewhat angered the Israelis, who are not in the habit of mentioning to who they sell their weapons at all. Scholz “broke the unwritten rule” of citing Israel and what he wanted to buy from them.

Germany may buy the Israeli Arrow 3 hypersonic ABM interceptor
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Strela 3 is a guided exoatmospheric hypersonic anti-ballistic missile. However, this system has no real combat experience. The only indicators are from the pre-production tests and exercises in recent years. recalls that a year ago Strela 3 failed, missing several Syrian ballistic missiles that landed in the desert. The information came in 2021 as a call from Israel’s Ministry of Defense.

Arrow 3 (Hetz 3)

Israel [IAI] and the United States [Boeing] co-financed and developed the exosphere hypersonic anti-ballistic missile interceptor Arrow 3. An Arrow 3 battery is expected to intercept salvos of more than five ballistic missiles within 30 seconds. Ballistic missiles fly in space during their stay above the ground. Arrow 3 must intercept and destroy ballistic and intercontinental ballistic missiles at the very moment they are in the exosphere.

Arrow 3 reaches a maximum flight altitude of 2,400 km. The rocket has an integrated divert motor that pivots the rocket to avoid a collision with a satellite. For this reason, the Israeli Ministry of Defense believes that Arrow 3 can also be used as an anti-satellite missile system.

Germany may buy the Israeli Arrow 3 hypersonic ABM interceptor
Photo credit: The Times of Israel

The integrated divert motor that pivots the rocket has another function, which is related to the interception of hypersonic missiles. When a ballistic missile is detected, an Arrow 3 missile is also fired. It goes into space and can stay there for a while while the earth’s stations determine and calculate the trajectory of the enemy’s ballistic missile. Then, the Arrow interceptor is redirected using its thrust-vectoring nozzle to close the gap and conduct a “body-to-body” interception.

Arrow 3 has an Inertial navigation system [INS] gimbaled seeker. The rocket also has a Steering system thrust vectoring. It can be launched from rapid launch fortified underground silos. The missile has been in production since 2017, and in addition to its possible acquisition by Germany, Azerbaijan [besides Israel] is the other missile user, ordering two units of this system to protect itself from Iranian missiles.


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