M777 barrels in Ukraine ‘bloom’ – they will be repaired abroad

KYIV ($1=37.09 Ukrainain Hryvnias) — Poland will be the location where Ukrainians and Americans will repair the damaged M777 towed howitzers. The information has been confirmed by the Pentagon, and the US is building and deploying a repair center. Online portal GaGadget says that in addition to M777, damaged HIMARS will also be repaired at this center.

Photo credit: Military.com

According to the GaGadget online portal, communication between US military specialists and engineers with Ukrainian soldiers has not been interrupted since the beginning of the war. Encrypted secret chats are used. In total, there were 14 in number – for every one weaponry delivered by the United States.

The main problem

American specialists did not expect that the M777 gun would not last. Due to its intensive use, the cannon either get damaged or “blooms” [it explodes and the front part looks like a blooming flower]. The manufacturer of the M777, BAE Systems’ Global Combat Systems division [a British company] did not take into account the stress that the Ukrainian armed forces put on the howitzer. Although the M777 participated and participates in several conflicts [Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen], only the Ukrainians “exaggerate” the use of the howitzer.

Some of the Russian super artillery barrels explode or burst
Photo credit: Twitter

Logically, in the post-production tests of the M777, there is no way for the British company to predict the intensity of the fire in the Ukrainian-Russian war. However, the howitzer entered service in 2005. At that time, no one expected that there would come a time when the cannon would have to fire three or four times more than its specified characteristics.

Apart from the cannon, elements, and parts also break, also due to the intensity of firing. In theory, they shouldn’t break, but in actual fighting in Ukraine, it happens.

The problem cannot be solved in the field

These are problems that happen in the field, but clearly cannot be solved in the field. Of course, sending spare parts is an option, but even the Americans don’t have enough spare parts. Although some parts for the M777 are already being produced in Ukraine, it is necessary for a large number of howitzers to be decommissioned and sent to Poland for research and re-engineering.

The repair center in Poland is now ready. It was personally inspected by General Mark Milley. It had to be checked to see if it met the security conditions. It turns out that the center is guarded by Patriot air defense systems.

Burnt tanks return to Russia, repair plants refuse repairs
Photo credit: Defense Express

BulgarianMilitary.com reported a month or two ago that the problem with the heavy use of guns is a fact. They sputter or flourish both on the Ukrainian Armed Forces side and on the Russian Armed Forces side. Russia also cannot carry out such repairs in the field. That is why repair centers for damaged artillery weapons and tanks were established around Moscow and Rostov weeks ago.

Not only the M777

BulgarianMilitary.com has published a list of five more manufacturers whose weapon systems are showing problems. All are for the same reasons – intensive use. Back in August, we reported on a leaked Telegram list that showed the Ukrainians’ request.

Besides the M777, there are problems with the M109 howitzer [US BAE Ssytems], Italian [FH70] and one German [PzH 2000] howitzer and the French Caesar self-propelled howitzer.


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