Korea unveils impressive 105mm FSV with ATGM and 12.7mm RWS

SEOUL ($1=1,393.34 South Korean Wons) — The Korean defense company Hanwha Defense showed a mockup of its latest development. It is a 105mm Mobile Protective Firepower [K-MPF] fire support vehicle with retractable ATGM launchers and 12.7mm RWS. The K-MPF model was presented at the land forces equipment exhibition DX Korea 2022 held in South Korea.

Korea unveils impressive 105mm FSV with ATGM and 12.7mm RWS
Photo credit: Twitter

The K-MPF uses the technology of the K21 infantry fighting vehicle, the Korean Engineer Combat Vehicle, the Line of Sight Precision Strike System, and the Multi-Role Light Combat Vehicle.

The Korean-style fire support combat vehicle is equipped with a 105 mm low-pressure gun, two anti-tank missiles, RCWS, and an active protection system. It weighs 25-30 tons and has a crew of three. It has an automatic loader and uses a 750-horsepower engine.

According to Hanwha Defense, this armored vehicle was created out of unavoidable necessity and imminent threat to enter North Korean territory. The K-MPF is tailored to the poor road conditions of North Korea, where the terrain is rough.

The K-MPF has a precision missile strike system. The current range is 7 km, but the manufacturer believes that it will be increased to 25 km. The K-MPF can fire 12 missiles. Hanwha Defense has introduced that it can be used for precision strike operations of brigade-level mechanized units.

K-MPF identifies threats at an early stage through situational awareness from artificial intelligence and increases survivability while working in hazardous areas by adding a remote control function. The combat vehicle is equipped with special robots and an RCWS complex consisting of a 40 mm high-speed anti-tank missile and a 12.7 mm machine gun.

Since the advent of anti-tank guns in the 1930s, tanks have been rendered useless several times. However, the tank is constantly evolving and improving its features and is still in use today. The tank is the only weapon that can advance through enemy defenses while protecting allies on the battlefield.

However, as the power of anti-tank weapons increases, tanks must also add technology to protect themselves. Otherwise, the theory of the tank’s uselessness can be brought up again at any time. Therefore, the Korean military should pay more attention to the multi-layered protection of mechanized equipment, including tanks.


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